I renege

It’s hard to feel so empty

When all you want is love

Time and Time and Time again

You go beyond, above

Yes and yes and yes and yes

And yes, then one time no

Wow I can’t believe how fast

All those “I love you”‘s go

In real time the birds are chirping

The sun is slow to rise

I lie here in my bed, all red

With puffy, swollen eyes

I swore to god to all my “friends”

Today’s will be the day

But when you sit at your babies feet

Things just don’t go that way

She slept so peaceful cute and pure

Her future I imagined

Without me there, oh fuck, the scare

The more I saw her world come crashin’

I start to unprepare

As much as I’d love to get relief

I have to live for she

And if I suffer but she’s happy

That’s what it’ll have to be

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