Run 5000 miles through the snow with lead feet and blurred vision with hands tied behind your back as you gasp for air because it’s not as cold as you thought it would be and your sweater is too thick and you have on corduroy pants with cement bricks in your pockets as the blood pours from your nostrils and you carry the shame handed to you by the ones you love…

R U N !


Run directly into the eye of the tornado as the thunder and lightening barrel uncomfortably close at your heels until you reach the very center and feel the calm amidst the chaos as the breeze peels back the skin on your face and the debris just slightly misses your arteries but still every shard of glass, every branch, every needle and nail pierce your flesh as you beg for mercy…

R U N !


Run from yourself and watch your soul leave your body and your pupils dilate and your pulse weaken and your bowels empty and the rosy red evaporate from cheeks and your last escaping breath forms the words, “I love you,”…

R U N !


Run into the arms of love personified with your scratches, your bruises and your guilt and your devastation and the stench that parasitically clings to you and let the ocean that is your tears and your mothers tears and her mothers tears and the tears ever so present in this tattered realm, eloquently wash over you, cleansing you vigorously and trying arduously to restore your innocence by erasing your sins…

R U N !


Run through a field of sunflowers as the moon gently kisses your skin and you feel the dirt between your toes and with every stride, you become more and more unencumbered and serendipitous and you’ve never felt so free and so alive and run. Just run. Run until you reach the edge of the earth and let the sunrise guide you home until you’re …

S T I L L.

Stay still.

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