You ever do your best and it’s not

Enough ?

Tough shit, try harder, this is normal. I see you girl and you ain’t doin nothin. I mean you doin somethin but it’s just not


I’m tryna be here for you. I’m being sincere. I’m being honest. I’m a little messed up in the head though so maybe I’m missing something. I’m really not sure. I probably don’t pay attention


By the way I’m trying out this college thing as a last ditch effort. I don’t mind living in poverty, it’s kind of all I know. But see I have a kid now and I can’t chase my dreams like that and I can’t forfeit them either. I don’t know what I’m doing but my baby, she’s gotta have


She actually deserves much more. Much more than I can give her. She’s better off with one of y’all. One of you stable folk. One of you wives with husbands and jobs and happiness and you know the sorts of things like patience. A bunch of all that because I already know you have


I would say that I’m sorry to leave but I’m actually ecstatic. I get to have my questions answered about the after life and the higher power. Or I don’t, I’m not sure. At least if not, I won’t know. I won’t suffer. I’ll be at peace. Because at this point I’m sure I’ve suffered


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