A wine glass filled with cyanide

I was sitting there by candlelight

Wearing nothing but shame and lonely

I could never make her love me

The scent of fear and agony fill the room

My thoughts are racing

Just as bad as my heart

I know everything about you

Your favorite color is royal blue

You add extra sugar in your tea

You dream of sunflower fields

You wear your glasses only on Mondays

I know everything about you

You smell like caramel and feel like sunshine

You’re made with a wild heart

And the courage of a weaponless warrior

I know everything

I know you despise me, I know you hate me

I know you could never date me

And you haven’t even thought about me lately

You hate my kind, the overachieving sinner

The ultra wicked, the kind there’s a special hell for

There’s cyanide in my glass

To match the poison in my heart

A martyr for love

I hope this beautiful death

Doesn’t tear us forever apart

There’s cyanide in your glass

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