I am

I am, I am your riot

I am the skip in your heartbeat

I am that sense of familiarity

In every stranger that you meet

I am the song you put on repeat

I am that, “I love you,” that makes you feel complete

I am, I am your peace

I am the rumble in your core

I am the foam the waves leave on the shore

I am the creamer in the coffee you pour

When in the morning it’s approaching four

And you accept that you can’t sleep anymore

I am the thoughts that linger in your

Subconscious. I am the split second thought

I am the thing in your basement you forgot that you bought

I am that ounce of doubt while you lie next to her

I am, I am the regret

I am the one you try to forget

But still the one you’re glad you met

I am who taught you selfless love

But not self control

I gave you all of me

My heart, mind and soul

I was your practice

You passed this class and passed me up to succeed

With someone other than me.

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