Free Fall

These eyes have seen the worst of life

But this heart has felt the beauty of it all

This mind processes the conflict

These lungs breathe in, breathe out

Into the light, out of the darkness

But these feet keep moving towards the window

These ears still hear the voice of an angry father

These legs still feel the warmth of warped love

This back is tense with the flashbacks of before

These lips quiver while this tongue tastes the salt of tears

This hair flows feather like behind me

This throat prepares to expel every regret and unsettlement

This body free falls from the 46th floor of the Hilton

The most calming and free I’ve ever felt

The corners of my mouth curl

I fall into another universe

Where people love and laugh and cherish

I fall into a slumber full of clouds where I thought I’d feel concrete

I’m free