I am hollow

Life’s a pill too hard to swallow

I’m sitting here morose

Palms sweaty and breathing shallow

My minds in Cabo

They tell me life’s a beach

But I can’t see the sand or waves

Beyond these cold, hard streets

A box of chocolate

I picked one then I popped it

The path it led me down is rough

I’ve come to far to stop it

Word to Forest

At least he had Jenny

Some of have no friends, no fam

And not a fucking penny

Okay, well I exaggerate

Please excuse me, magistrate

I did just have a little help

But intentions are up for debate

I couldn’t take it

Vulnerable and naked

I know, I’ve heard a million times

Your life is what you make it

But I beg to differ

This here, I’d never choose

I guess I chose to roll the dice

Instead of a comfy lose

I mean, at least I’m trying

Like can I can get some credit ?

Had to take me fears

Tossed em around

And then I had to dead

Took a leap

And now I’m full of dreams

Whoever knew the end of this

Would boost my self-esteem

So still I rise

No more sorrow in my eyes

This testament is living proof

Success comes to whoever tries

You can do it

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