Jokes On Me

Her jokes and smiles don’t mean a thing

Are you guys even listening ?

She jokes of death and she smiles with tears

Her strength is pain and she’s buried with fears

She longs for love but she feels only hate

She stays upbeat as she contemplates

The funny thing is she showed all the signs

But they were ignored

Because you thought she was fine

She left you a note, just one last joke

“My life,” is all she wrote


Roses are red

The violets are dead

They’ve wilted from all

The things that I’ve said

Fire with fire

It has shortened my life

They say it won’t hurt

But it cuts like a knife

Zero one two three four

I promised I wouldn’t

Do this anymore

Five six seven eight

Say your goodbyes

Before it’s too late


I don’t know when love became so elusive.

Or was I too jaded to hear the thoughts so intrusive ?

Should I try to save us or should I chuck up the deuces ?

The thought of shaking you totally just feels so abusive.

But the foundation we’re built on just isn’t conducive…

For love.

In this relationship, there are no blessings from above.

There was a point in time I thought you fit me like a glove.

Man, you were just so seducive.

I mean seductive.

Part of me knows progressing any further would be counterproductive.

The only love we ever made was toxic and destructive.

With or without you my breathing is obstructed.

Sigh. F**k it.


I care for you still and I always will.

Wish summer was longer.

One too many I love yous got your heart sinking.

Mind over matter is magic.

Just don’t think about it.

It’ll be over in no time.
These four walls, they got me in prison.


Did I ever really mean something to you ?

I thought I was dreaming when you said you loved me.

But now I see this was the start of nothing.

We felt like we were kids back then.

But we’ll never be those kids again.

Is it okay to hate you now ?

I wish I could but I don’t know how.

We both know that deep down the feelings still good.

But we don’t go deep down.

We stay at the surface where the nothing begins.

I’m sorry to say but we can never be just friends.

Still, thank you for the pseudo love you showed me.

We both know that deep down it wasn’t real my dear.

And it’s all downhill from here.

What you showed me wasn’t love.

We can’t go deep down, gotta stay above.

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