Game Time

Is this for attention ?

Will the drama ever end ?

This isn’t what I signed up for

When I decided to befriend

But hey, let’s play a game

We’ll call it “guess if this ones real”

The rules are simple, easy af

Look in your heart, search real deep

Then pull out how you feel

Wicked, dirty, worthless, shame

Fat and ugly too

What do you mean you don’t like this game ?

I created it just for you !

Alright where were we ?

Roll the dice, you landed at my wrist

So pick a knife or a tattoo

Think of the rewards and risks

One brings disappointment

But at least I’d be alive

“At least” makes it sound good

That sentence needs revised

Unfortunately my dear

I would still be here

Messing up your lives

This isn’t fun ?

But it’s just begun !

Besides, I do declare

I have a secret if you can keep it

And if you were unaware

This game, we’ve played informally

And it sort of never stops

Plenty of ways in but one way out

That out is when one of us drops


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