Fall Into You

You’re my addiction

I fell into your trap

Dirty dishes

Clean em in the kitchen

At the new rehab

I catch a glimpse of you

Opps, relapse

I’m not as strong

As I thought, perhaps

What am I to do

When it just falls into

My lap

Oh, okay. Issa test ?

I didn’t even recap

The cycle drives me nuts

Gotta remap

Back to square one

Before this little mishap

True Love

Shapeshift and morph

Twist and bend

No matter how hard you try

You just can’t pretend

That we can stay together

Like this isn’t the end

If this sounds serious

It’s because it is

It’s my last bite of pizza

How did it come to this

Ode to My Mom

47  years

47 million tears

47 reasons

Why we hold you so dear

47 chapters

47 thousand moments captured

47 little lanterns

Hanging from the rafters


When your life had just begun

Did you know

47 years later you’d have

2 daughters and 1 son

2 grands

To hold hands

5 foreheads to kiss

47 hundred I love yous

From 2 brothers and a sis

47 years of mom

Only 43 of dad

470 moments

You claimed were the best

You’d ever had

47 hugs

Wrapped around you close

47 blessings

That you deserve the most.



I Am Me

I’m sorry I’m not what you’re used to

Does me being me confuse you ?

Do you look at me and tilt your head

Peculiar face, but familiar bed ?

Would you rather me be

Mrs. Barbie instead ?

Guns or butter with your bullets and bread ?


Cried All Night

I cried all night

Woke up eyes puffy

Throat sore

Nose red

And you still believed me

When I said I was alright

Do you care ?

Are you even there ?

Or is it out of mind

When I’m out of sight ?

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