No/t Sense Since

I see the pink skies

In those brown eyes

Through the lens of a dragon

Who told a thousand lies

But when you look a little deeper

Through your own third eye peeper

You see that sometimes you

Gotta fabricate to

Save some lives


I feel the summer breeze

And then it’s gone in a sneeze

It’s bliss when it’s raining

As I fall down to my  knees

And I pray for peace

On the day you ever leave

Because those beautiful untruths

Are what keeps me here and amused

So just stay a while



I heard the thunder

When we were almost

Ripped asunder

Deep seeded shade

French lemonade

Oh baby I’m goin’ under

And should you ever

Have to wonder

Your soul re-

-flects the blue

And I can see right into you

I know you’re scared

And unprepared

Yeah, I feel it too


I taste the

Lips of a stranger

Pink starburst or power ranger

I love you not

You hate me more

We said both statements

Out of anger

We put our chakras in danger


I smell the gypsies dance

Her hips have got me in a trance

I haven’t smiled this hard

Since our last Pomp and Circumstance

You don’t wanna talk about it

Please give me the chance



My senses


Breath ended


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