Stay on my knees til they’re bloody red

Tears flooding my face, eyes puffy in bed

Just tryna feel alive but it’s killing me dead

Instead of suicide, I get high instead

Heart Vs Mind

The mind knows better

But the heart can’t behave

The feelings intensify

The more I try to stave

Secret lovers but secrets hurt

So I’ll take this to the grave

Your name keeps washing over me

The crash of every wave

I don’t wanna share you

I keep you hidden in my cave

Ask me about my love

You know I’m gonna rave

Baby, I could talk for hours

About the love you gave

But then it sets in about

How you’ve changed your ways

And the dark becomes the light

And I question why I’ve stayed

Please forgive me for my sins

With my life, I’ve paid

Innocence is ever fresh

At the pond in which it wades

The more I really think of it

These feelings start to fade




Take this stress from me lord

So I can keep moving forward

I’ve had so much pain

I live in the rain

I’m on a ship falling overboard

I feel like I need reborn

My heart is torn

The bit that’s left

The other part I had

Fell asleep with my hopes

In death

But anyone who retrieves them both

Will get a reward

One foot after another

I’m just tryna keep forward


The sun never set at all instead of setting slow

Since it never dawned upon us

We didn’t know where to go

We are night creatures and the sunlight kills

We can’t stay in the dungeons

So we scour the hills


When I started drowning

I didn’t know

You were the anchor

For so long it was you

Who kept me

Out of danger

But now I know

It was control

It stemmed from insecurity

And anger

Was it love at first sight

Or lust at first bite

Either way, it was blemished

No chance to be wiped white

Leave This Town

If we don’t leave right now

We won’t make it out this town

All I need to know is

Baby are you down ?

Well then grab your purse

Grab your favorite shoes

Don’t forget your art

You’re gonna need a muse

I know you wanna stay

But babe I just refuse

There’s nothing here for me

And I’ve got nothing to lose

So let’s drive, yeah let’s ride

Until we run out of gas

We’ll go as far as we can

Until we forget the past

I know it feels like a dream

But girl dreams don’t last

This is the real deal

The plan is unsurpassed

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