No/t Sense Since

I see the pink skies

In those brown eyes

Through the lens of a dragon

Who told a thousand lies

But when you look a little deeper

Through your own third eye peeper

You see that sometimes you

Gotta fabricate to

Save some lives


I feel the summer breeze

And then it’s gone in a sneeze

It’s bliss when it’s raining

As I fall down to my  knees

And I pray for peace

On the day you ever leave

Because those beautiful untruths

Are what keeps me here and amused

So just stay a while



I heard the thunder

When we were almost

Ripped asunder

Deep seeded shade

French lemonade

Oh baby I’m goin’ under

And should you ever

Have to wonder

Your soul re-

-flects the blue

And I can see right into you

I know you’re scared

And unprepared

Yeah, I feel it too


I taste the

Lips of a stranger

Pink starburst or power ranger

I love you not

You hate me more

We said both statements

Out of anger

We put our chakras in danger


I smell the gypsies dance

Her hips have got me in a trance

I haven’t smiled this hard

Since our last Pomp and Circumstance

You don’t wanna talk about it

Please give me the chance



My senses


Breath ended



Sorry I’m not who you need me to be

I tried so hard to change

But I’m still just me

It may be strange

But just look and you’ll see

That I’m still enough

When the storms barrel forth

I’ll be just as tough

I’ll remind you of your worth

When the going gets rough

And oh it gets rough

Real rough

Before it gets better

And who better than me,

To withstand the weather ?


Who’s next in line to get hurt ?

When we met I told you I was trash

Straight dirt

So who’s next in line

We all know I’m the worst

Come get in line to get hurt



Stay on my knees til they’re bloody red

Tears flooding my face, eyes puffy in bed

Just tryna feel alive but it’s killing me dead

Instead of suicide, I get high instead

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