The clock ticks.

Then it tocks.

Then it ticks.

Then it tocks.

Until one day.

No one noticed when.

But it stops.

To The Moon

Many moons of me and you

Doing things that lovers do

Make love yes,

But fight wars too.

It wasn’t very long

After I wrote that love song

Pretty shades of yellow rays

Burnt my skin all black and blue. 

See an eye for an eye

And a tooth for a tooth

Doesn’t count when two hearts

Only bare one proof.

Mira aqui, mi amor

What am I supposed to do ?

Pick and choose ?

Play to lose ?

Suffocate with you ?

Is this the doing of my own insecurity ?

Or is it a mad facade

Attempting to uphold your purity ?

Past Life

I’m done living my past life

I’ve died and came back twice

They say Karmas a bitch

But if we treat her right maybe she’ll be nice

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