Past Life

I’m done living my past life

I’ve died and came back twice

They say Karmas a bitch

But if we treat her right maybe she’ll be nice

No Doubt

You make me wanna put my phone down

When I look in your eyes I zone out

Baby with you I ain’t got no doubt

That this is what true love is about


Sorrow Lives

She drank to drown her pain

But the sorrow learned to swim

She longed for a life of love and laughter

But couldn’t shake the dread within

She played the part and walked the talk

As part of her disguise

She smiled and waved and hugged and played

While plotting her own demise

She pops her pills to ease her feels

And last at least another day

She meditates and overmedicates

Because she’s lost her way

I say she’s lost but is it true ?

If she was meant to wander

Could it be, perhaps that she

And the true her have torn asunder ?

If I lived my truth would it be proof

That this life is worthwhile ?

The thought moves on, the clouds move in

Inhale the smoke and smile

Make Me Feel

The way you make me feel is beyond my comprehension

This feeling through my body is nothing but tension

I’m over here floating on cloud 9, suspension

I cherish every moment that we’re together, completion

Depleted, my sadness. You’re all I ever needed.


Always and Forever

Forever is for dreamers

And by your demeanor

I can tell you don’t dream

Or at least that’s how it seems

I don’t mean to judge

All I know is when I push

You won’t budge

Whether overtly or with a gentle nudge

Now don’t get me wrong

I don’t need a ring

Because marriage ain’t forever

And I want that forever thing

Get with it or get lost

Is you is, or is you ain’t

Are you gonna give up

Or go hard in the paint ?

This shit is everything to me

I hate that you treat it whateverly


Wanna get out my brain

Wanna shed my skin

Wanna do any fucking thing

To never feel this way again

Wanna smoke a bowl

Wanna blow a line

They say I’m goin’ crazy

But I’ve been out of my mind

Wanna jump off a bridge

Wanna drive into a pole

Wanna kill my body

But Lord please save my soul


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