Everybody’s reaching in their pockets

I’m in a room full of narcissists

And they all love narcotics

And they all move robotic

And they all have on masks

And they all let their hair down

Before the rocket blasts

Then they all make regrets

And they all know what’s next

And they all love their wives

And will swear this was just sex

And they all have daughters

That they can’t look in the eye

Because they all play the game

That’ll make their daughters cry

When they all grow up

And their hearts get broken

So they all lash out

And their inner hoe gets woken

But for now it’s all just fun

And they’ve turned off their brains

They’re just tryna get high

Before they put the mask on again


Feel Better

I just wanna feel better

But it’s gonna take forever

The burdens of my past

Hold me down like a fetter

The tears flow inside

So outside I seem put together

Suicide ? Never

At least not literally

But if I’m dead inside

I already died mentally

Look at me

I am the epitome

Of the enemy

Scared of closets full of monsters

But now those monsters are friends to me


Hearts are broken

By words left unspoken

Pinch to wake me up

I’m still dreaming. My token

Closed my eyes but left my mind


We move in slow motion

Dancing around the notion

That the love-me-nots will love me lots

After this purple potion

Sip it slowly

Treat it holy


Someone Like You

Someone like you is who I hope to never find

To think I thought we were made for each other

I must’ve been deaf, dumb and blind

I really thought that you were different

But I’m very familiar with your kind

The type to ride or die and rise and grind

And then leave me behind


My regrets look like accomplishments

Apathy looks like confidence

Truth is idgaf

I don’t know what the problem is ?


My neck is open wide

Begging for your hands

Your blue eyes trapped me

Has every part of me tranced

It takes two to tango ?

Not the way we dance



This is your only chance


You came in like a whirlwind

Swept me up and made me your girlfriend

At the walls I built, you were eating

I drowned out all common sense

With the sound of my heart beating

If I ever start to think clear

I’ll realize I really shouldn’t be here

Oh Shin

I’ve been sitting by the ocean for a while now

Drowning the thoughts out

I’m always running, running

It feels so good to sit down

I really wanna go to heaven

But I’m still human tonight

Really feel like I should panic

But I’m quite alright.

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