Noose me

Cut me open

Juice me

All my secrets


On my k dot

I blame Lucy

She seduced me

Amped me up

Then abused me

Finished with me

Then loosed me


I’m bruisy

Why’d you have to

Choose me ?


Come on baby, you can lay right here

We can both disappear

If it gets too weird

Say less, we can switch gears

Take a step in the dark

Conquer some fears.


So much swirling around my noggin

Thoughts racing

It would be nice if they were joggin

My vision is hazy

The tunnel is crazy

I look at who made me

And try to explain me

Definition is lazy

It’s a tornado in my mind, baby.


Before there was time

There was nothing

But before there was nothing

There was everything

Way before that there was oblivion

That’s what I was livin’ in

Ignorance is bliss

I’d rather be happy in the end

HIGHlites ramble

She always listened with her whole body

Chest out

Back straight

Chin raised

Interest piqued

My mind does dances when you speak

Every inch of you

Chain reacts


Heart attacks


Run from it

Run to it

Don’t do it

You knew it

Would end this way

Birds the word

As they say

So why you never fly ??

Why you rather die

Than try

To try

To even consider

To try to survive


That’s word to Becky

Life gets hectic

She stay ready

True friend

If you need a lean

I can’t wait to pay you back in life

With finer things


Who am I kidding

I’ll never be successful

They say I’m too wild

And like yeezy

Too disrespectful

I ain’t been listenin lately

Swallow my pride

A whole neck full

Damned if I do

Damned if I don’t

Damn if I grab ya hair

By the fistful

Pull it out and scream


I’m overwhelmed

My life is hell

All I wanna do is sing

And smoke some

And party

And lay up watching Netflix

With my daughter

And my shawty

Just call this my audit

When you see that I’m a fraud

You won’t see me on the market


No one will care when I go away

No one listens to what I have to say

I’m so accustomed to a lifetime full of grey

Get the fuckin sun up out my shade

I’m stewing in the hell that I made

I didn’t know but I shoulda known since first grade

But I was busy learning other things

Like the drugs my aunt was on

And how to tell apart my moms screams

A life full of violence

All I crave is silence

A good book and wine but that’s where my demons find me

Buried deep in my subconscious

So I keep it loud and out of focus

That’s how I wrote this.


I’m nobody

Doing nothing

Going nowhere


So far from home

On my own

Me, the stars and this lonely road

No moon

No home


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