Can I have a hand to hold ?

A bandage for my bleeding soul ?

Stitches for my heart

Keep me from falling apart

And some open arms to go ?


They say time heals all wounds

But I don’t know if that’s true

Because I still feel pain

When I think about you


I notice because

I focus

Little Buddha

On a lotus

Yes bb

I’m loaded

Fire orange

Like the potus

Operandi to the modus

Burner burning bright

Chugging like a locomotive


We floated

Into abyss and beyond

We have a

Lovely little

Love thing

Going on

No Relief

When I close my I eyes I can’t get relief

All the demons from my past keep chasing me

I’m tryna make my triumphs replace defeat

But every move I make goes incomplete

My Escape

Baby come and grab my waist

Let me pull you in

Invade my space

Vibe together


Body’s parched

Give me a taste

Didn’t mean to make you wait

I’ve just been busy as of late

With all this shit up on my plate

But never mind that

Time for a break

Little rips got us feelin great

Thanks for being

My escape


You remind me of a time

When I felt so alive

A time before these eyes

Have cried all these cries

Way before broken promises and lies

Whisper sweet nothings

They make me feel safe

My guard stays half up

Just in case

Where There’s A Will

I was drowning so long

Then I heard of a boat

Then the boat got a hole

So I learned how to float

Then I started to sink

So I learned how to fly

But my wings fell off

And I had to trust the dive

Had to take the ride

Had to compromise

I was gone for weeks

Washed up on the beach

Got on my feet

And walked across the sea

Baby Moses, Noah’s ark

Look into my eyes

And peep the spark

Cloudy days

Never phase me

Cloudy haze

Just in case we

Get way too dark

Where there’s a will

There’s a way

I know it’s cliche

But it all smooths out

At the end of the day


Is the fault in our stars ?

Or is the fault all ours ?

Was it written in the scars

On our hearts

From the bottles

We would lose from the start ?

Does mercury shifting,

Have your mask lifting ?

Or was I too blind to see

I thought it was you all along

But now I think

Maybe it’s….



I once knew a boy

That boy knew a girl

The day that she kissed me

Changed my whole world

The day that she left me

Changed it again

I never admitted

She was more than a friend

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