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Originally posted 9/5/21. Things change and manifest so fast and seemingly at lightning speed ! If you’ve been following me on social media you know that pretty much this entire article is invalid now lol

As The Vibe Creator (#TheVibeCreator), it was only right that I start rebranding to narrow down on the Vibe part a little more. My new tagline is: It’s More Than Branding. This is to emphasize that I am no longer doing marketing. Copacetic Aesthetix is not a marketing firm. It’s a creative branding firm !

Mission Statement

We empower single mompreneurs to dream big but do bigger through strategic, creative branding; so they can spend more time with their families.

As a single mom myself, quite frankly, this is who I relate to most ! So it’s where I see the greatest need and where I believe me and my firm are the greatest asset. Of course this doesn’t mean we ONLY work with single mothers. It just means we are focusing on and catering to them. Previously, we focused on Black Creatives. That’s still a group we’re passionate about too, and the two often overlap.

Vision Vibe

A world full of conscious families living out their wildest dreams.

So if we are to achieve our mission and help these boss ass mamas make hella guap so they can break generational curses, we know it’ll result in a long line of whole, conscious families living out their wildest dreams. Once we have the process down solid, we can teach wealth building through passion to our kids. And them being conscious doesn’t just affect their business, but enables them to find success in all areas of their lives.

The Vibe Creator

I’ll also be going by new title/moniker/name.. #TheVibeCreator. Because it’s literally what I’m most passionate about, what I based my business around and what I’m doing day in and day out: Creating Vibes. (Which was my old tagline). Each Vibe that I and my firm creates will be kissed by these 4 core values:

Core Values

Consistency: The secret sauce is consistency. Most of the clients who come to me thinking they’re doing everything wrong, are actually doing it right. The only issue is that they aren’t being consistent with it. Part of the reason people may lack consistency is because they lack passion. You’re not going to keep giving your all to something you’re not passionate about. The second part is just because they don’t know they’re working hard instead of smart. Part of our process is helping you automate and delegate as much as possible.

Freedom: Part of the reason we need you to start automating and delegating is so that you can create a measure of freedom for yourself. Part of living consciously is creating the time you need to think and process and simply just be. This helps to restore and keep your inner peace just as much as it nurtures your creativity.

Creativity: I truly believe that everyone can make a living off whatever it is they’re passionate about because I’ve seen it time and time again with my own eyes. Believe it or not, 90% of the time you don’t need college/university to make it happen either. But what it DOES take sometimes is a little thinking outside the box; some creativity.

Family: As single moms, most of our driving force is our children. We want to set them up to have a better life than we had. We want to raise them to believe anything is possible and show them how to achieve it. That’s a fact we could never neglect. So every client we work with, we keep their family goals in mind. And my policies, processes and procedures are created with my family in mind.

What’s A Vibe ?

Okay, also, wtf is a vibe anyway lol Your vibe is essentially your brand. It’s the feeling you give off when your audience encounters you. It’s the experience they have when they discover you. If you’re curious about where the lingo comes from in today’s pop culture, check this article out.

The New Copacetic aesthetix

Aight so boom, just to talk a little bit more about the single mamas we serve, I’m gonna introduce Roxanne. P.S. If you’re an illustrator, GET WITH US because we need her drawn !

Vibe With Roxanne

Our bae is a BOSS by nature. At age 30, she’s been in business for about 5 years now but still works a 9 to 5. It’s hard to let go of because she makes plenty of money to provide for her kids alone (shout out to her masters degree). It’s not that she doesn’t believe in herself, she does. She just doesn’t have the systems in place she needs to live off her business because she doesn’t know what she doesn’t know !

When Miss Roxanne isn’t a mom or an employee oorrrr a business owner she’s working on her spirituality. She’s open-minded and altruistic. She’s self-driven which is why she made her business happen in the first place. Roxy finds her solace in the arts (even though she doesn’t think she’s that good at any of it), whether it’s reading, writing, painting or dancing.

She lives in the city right now, kinda hates it. She has her eyes on a nice house with a yard in the suburbs for the kids. Her goal is to have it within 5 years even though she has no idea how. What she does know is that she will need money, so she’s been saving it up despite personal finances not being her strong suit.

Roxanne trusts her gut. Her spirituality and self-awareness have aided her in being able to vibe with her intuition heavy. Her intuition is telling her that it’s time for her to start taking her business seriously and reach the life she deserves.

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