A Story Line

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When it comes to really marketing your brand, you don’t want to just shoot in the wind. You need DETAILS ! Lots of them. And they need to totally make sense. They also need to make up a story. One way to make sense of what’s going on and who you’re talking to is to develop a storyline.

Brand story

This is what we call, a Brand Story. And there are 7 solid elements of it ! You’ll find these elements in every excellent brand ! Fun fact: The technique was developed from the flow of all great movies ! A story is a story either way.

The Main Character

The most important aspect of your story is going to be your main character. Rule number one about it… you are NEVER the main character. It should never, ever be you. Because quite frankly, your consumers don’t care all that much about you. It’s usually nothing personal. It’s just that there are so many brands vying for their attention, they really only have time for brands who are solving a problem for them.

Your main character is going to match your buyer persona. If you can’t remember what a buyer persona is, check out episode 2 of the 3 Comma Club.

Has A Problem

Once you know your main character, figure out the problem you’re solving for them. Because in every single amazing storyline that exists, the character has a problem that they’re facing. Humans absolutely love drama, especially when it’s not their own. So think to yourself, “am I selling a product or a solution ?” That answer will help you figure out what your main characters main problem.

Every Good Story Has A Guide

So you have a main character with a problem right ? Someone needs to guide them. That’s where you come in. Your brand is the main characters guide. You guide them to getting that problem solved ASAP.

A Man With A Plan

In order to be a clear guide and lead someone to success there has to be a plan in place ! So you’re the man (or women, or human) with the master plan guiding them to victory. To be able to come up with the best plan possible, you’ll want to consult with your main character and see what their goals are. Make sure the goals are clear and concise; make sure they’re SMART.

Put Some Action In That Story

Sometimes, even with a plan in place and a guide ready and willing, the main character doesn’t get anywhere. That’s why you need a call to action ! Let them know exactly what you want them to do; what you think they should be doing to get where they said they want to be. This is why your mission and vision statements are so important too. Those along with your core values are the best source of inspiration to get them to act.

Avoid Failure

Make it clear that your plan guided them to action which means they avoided failure. They were NOTHING without you. Just kidding, don’t tell them that. But DO create a sense of urgency and light peril. Let them know it was a close one. Adds a little drama to your story line to keep it spicy !


Now is time for the triumph story ! You’re happy, they’re happy, everybody’s happy now. And that’s exactly what you want.

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