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If you’re wondering whether or not you should be writing blogs, the answer is YES !

Why write blogs ?

  • Blogs help drive free traffic to your website when written SEO style
  • They give people an incentive to keep coming back to your website
  • It’s a great, easy way to communicate offers
  • When you educate, you create trust…which makes you more money

You still Don’t wanna do It tho ? Lmao

No but really, it takes time, energy and research to write them consistently and in a way that makes you money. You hate doing it, you don’t even have time. Me and my team love doing it so… doesn’t it sort of just make sense to hire us ? I mean… at least that’s what these people thought.

Blogs We’ve Written


We wrote a series of blogs detailing information on mental health disorders for this non-profit organization in 2020.


For this clinic, we wrote a series of blogs explaining the different ailments that you can get approved for a Medical Marijuana Card for.

Stoned Queen

As a brand that offers luxury smoking accessories for women, we speak on topics anywhere from Momming to Marijuana.

Fatso Hard Kitchen

Fatso Hard Kitchen creates Dining Experiences primarily in the Chicagoland area. The blog is about all things food and food history !

Mindy’s Planet

Our sister organization, a non-profit rooted in West Dayton, has blogs on topics about gardening, parenting and building emotional intelligence.

Jolorah’s Beauty

Jolorah is a hair extension specialist and a hair educator. Her blogs come out weekly and explain different aspects of extension services.

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Let’s Get started, sis !

Invest in the first blog and we’ll contact you to start writing.