We pretty much all know how it feels to have your alarm go off at an ungodly hour, push snooze, fall back to sleep, have the alarm go off again (possibly even louder), push snooze a little harder and fall back to sleep…REPEAT. Yanno, or at least some variation of that. But then we begrudgingly get prepared for a job that we hate (or love) working for pennies (or dollars) in a place that sucks (or is perfectly temped and beautiful).


Every day you count down happily until Friday, you do all the errands you didn’t have time for during the week for your Saturday and then come Sunday you spend the whole day anxious about starting the process over the next day. And to think this is how it’s supposed to be for the next 40 to 60 years right ?? Well…


Are you looking to make a dollar or are you looking to make a difference ?

I’m looking to hand select professionals from different industries who are ready to exit the rat race and who are passionate about living life on their own terms. I’m looking for patient, teachable people who are ready to take their time and energy back. People that are passionate about both helping their peers and leaving a better world for our children.

There are many effective ways to go about trying to make the world a better place. One could volunteer, become a big sister or brother, work for a non-profit and the list goes on. Why are some people willing to be so altruistic and expend valuable time and energy either for free or for pennies ?

What if you could help people full time WHILE getting paid a n y w h e r e ?!

I have a way to truly work smarter and not harder. A way to help yourself long term while devoting yourself to a work with great purpose.

There’s a very particular process intact in order to make sure the team is as close to perfect as possible. The first step is to email me at Bunny.Roberts@CopaceticAesthetix.com introducing yourself and telling me what your wildest dream goal is !

I look forward to talking with you all and making our dreams come true ! 🙂