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First things first, copywriting is the words typed in marketing materials with the intent to persuade the reader to make a specific action. For example, this blog. In a previous blog we went over common copywriting mistakes. Today, we go over a few tips.

You 1000% don’t have to be a copywriter to make use of this information. It’s for anywho who is trying to market anything, anywhere. Since you’re using it anyway, it’s best to learn how to use it well. Aight, so boom.

Tip 1: Rewrite Your Favorite Ad

This is an excellent practice exercise because it really gets your brain going. This can be a print ad, a blog of an ad, a radio commercial or a commercial from CD, it deadass doesn’t matter. It should probably be your favorite of something though because you want this to be fun and not just feel like homework. Also, the more you’re familiar with a brand, the easier it is to write copy for them. Rewrite it in a way you think will sell better and see what your friends and ’em think.

Tip 2: Do Some Freewriting For Copywriting

Freewriting is a nifty little exercise that requires timed continuous writing with no monitoring and no feedback whatsoever. So that means no worrying about grammar, no stress about getting off topic, no need to even set a topic, and no requirements from anyone else or yourself. Most of our best ideas are already floating around in our heads. We just don’t really have the time or mental space to get to them. Freewriting for ten minutes helps you unclutter, so to speak, and get to those great ideas.

Tip 3: Read It out Loud

Reading things out loud helps tremendously. You can catch any grammar or spelling mistakes you made a lot easier and it’s easier to see whether or not something sounds a bit crass or off-topic. It helps you to make sure the writing flows smoothly and that it’s in the voice you really intend for it to be in.

Tip 4: Write Down The Copywriting Requirements

Whether you’re doing this for yourself or for a client, it helps so much to write down the requirements. Keep them visible as a reminder not to get off-topic. If you’re doing the copywriting as part of SEO for your website, don’t forget to check out our free SEO tips too !

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