Copacetic Courses

We just launched an online school, Copacetic Courses ! I created these courses because I started my first business before I got my business degree. Although doing so made me a better entrepreneur, the price tag didn’t match the actual information that I gleaned. So I wanted to give to other Creatives the information that’s a little harder to stumble upon just through experience for a fraction of the price it takes to learn through pursuing a degree.

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There are 9 different courses. Click on each below to see a preview and enroll !

This crash course exists to teach you terms so that you don’t get scammed and the importance of hiring an accounting professional, like, asap. We’re going to go over the AAA and the CPA as well as GAAP (all the letter boys). We will also talk about the different ratios that get calculated and then dive into information about basic bookkeeping.

Our homebase is in the United States so of course the information in this course is written with a capitalist economy in mind. We will cover the difference between elastic and inelastic products. Knowing which one you’re in is a major key. We’ll talk about the inevitable boom/bust cycle we go through, recessions vs depressions and what’s been going on recently (at the time the course was developed).

We will also talk about how to be ethical, the poverty level and what that means, the larger pool of money and how the government views it as well as how you should be paying your employees.

This might not be a topic you’ve heard as much about. It’s a super quick but super important course, especially if you have employees located in the same building. We’ll talk mainly about sitting and standing diseases, proper posture and the consequences of skipping ergonomics.

Before you even start making money you’ll want to learn about financial statements and compliance measures. The more you know about how money works, the more money you can make !

In this course you’ll learn about how the value of your money changes over time, different ways to invest it about how to account for it with the IRS. You’ll also learn about payment plans, budgeting and banking.

Psychology to some seems a little counterintuitive to add in with business topics but trust me when I say you need this crash course. The most basic goal we have when we get into business is to sell something to someone. So knowing about how we make decisions is super beneficial.

You’ll also learn about signaling, pricing and how colors affect how your audience interacts with you. The business person who knows the most about human psychology is always the one who wins !

I may be a little biased since my degree is in Marketing but in my opinion, this is the most important class !

We talk about what marketing is, how it’s different from branding and some details you should watch out for. We’ll also explore color theory and why it matters, how to send out the bat signal to your ideal clientele and some information about copywriting.

The management course is about not only managing your clients and customers but also wisely using your time. We cover information about the how, why and when of hiring and firing and managing them in between. We’ll also talk about what systems are best for managing information and how to de-escalate people when things go wrong.

The statistics course goes over more of the concepts than the analytics. We definitely don’t expect you to learn an entirely new field of expertise. The goal is to learn enough to have a competitive edge and sharper intuition when it comes to making decisions as an entrepreneur.

So you’ll learn about correlation vs causation. You’ll learn some depth about contests and giveaways and you’ll learn about tracking the type of insights that make you the most money.

Our business basics course we cover the other eight topics briefly. If you’re starting from ground zero, this is the one for you !