Copacetic Courses

We just launched an online school, Copacetic Courses ! I created these courses because I started my first business before I got my business degree. Although doing so made me a better entrepreneur, the price tag didn’t match the actual information that I gleaned. So I wanted to give to other Creatives the information that’s a little harder to stumble upon just through experience for a fraction of the price it takes to learn through pursuing a degree.

There are 9 different courses. Click on each below to see a preview and enroll !

The statistics course goes over more of the concepts than the analytics. We definitely don’t expect you to learn an entirely new field of expertise. The goal is to learn enough to have a competitive edge and sharper intuition when it comes to making decisions as an entrepreneur.

So you’ll learn about correlation vs causation. You’ll learn some depth about contests and giveaways and you’ll learn about tracking the type of insights that make you the most money.

Our business basics course we cover the other eight topics briefly. If you’re starting from ground zero, this is the one for you !