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guest blogging

Aight so boom, we talked about blogging a couple weeks ago. Let’s talk about being someone’s guest now ! Once you start blogging for yourself, maybe you’ll find that you love it and want to expand that form of marketing. So we’re going to talk a little bit about guest blogging and what that could look like for you !

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Finding Guest Opportunities

Sometimes finding opportunities to become a guest can be a little difficult. Sometimes it’s complete damn pain. When looking for somewhere to write at, your main goal is to find other websites that are actually relevant to either your industry or your niche. You also want to make sure their readers are highly engaged. Otherwise it won’t really be worth it.

Once you do find some that you’re thinking about, look into how their other guest bloggers have done. Is there a way for you find out if the other guests actually made sales or anything else measurable ? If you can’t see that particular information, be sure that you still look and see if their posts got comments, shares and a backlink. But honestly, you can always just ask.

Furthermore (*twists fake handlebar mustache), do some type of analysis to see what type of content does best on that particular blog or website. For example, if it’s a marketing website, marketing can entail so many different things. You don’t want to get on talking about color theory when most of the posts are about advertising.

One of the other major benefits is backlinks when you guest blog. Backlinks are links on someone else’s website that lead back to yours. This helps a ton with SEO but it also gets you brand new eyes that maybe would have never found you otherwise. You don’t necessarily have to pitch anything in the guest blog because you’re getting that exposure. You want them to trust you first and more than anything.

If you want to add in promo, it’s definitely an opportunity to lead others back to you. Also, speaking of SEO, Google considers backlinks like votes for the page it goes to. They figure if so many other websites trust you enough to put you on their website, everything is probably copacetic !

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