Labels on products

If you have ever seen an episode of Shark Tank you know how important your packaging and labels are. If you’ve never seen Shark Tank, welp, now ya know ! Your label and/or packaging (let’s use them interchangeably just for simplicity throughout the article) is the first impression of your product for your customers and we all know how important first impressions are. So here is some tips on creating an awesome product label.

Keep It Simple

Keep your labels clean and simple. If they are too busy people get overwhelmed and will likely pass your product by.

Use colors wisely ! Picking two contrasting colors such as yellow and black will be sure to grab attention. Make sure the colors are consistent with the rest of the branding. Staying cohesive is extremely important for brand recognition.

Put some more thought into your font. If you pick something too generic people will not even really see it. If you use more than two types of fonts it becomes too busy and difficult to read. Be sure, again, to stay cohesive with the rest of your brand. Also, make sure the font is size that’s easy to read. If it’s too small people will definitely just pass it by.

Use high quality products for your label ! This is such a major key. Using paper that is too thin or without any type of lamination will not hold up on the shelf or in shipping too long, especially after exchanging so many hands.

Provide some type of contact information. Most people do not keep track of emails and receipts. It is best to get it on the label in case they need it in the future ! Of course they could always just look it up too but show them that you care. People really appreciate when you make things more convenient for them.

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