Literacy Matters

One of the things I care most about is LITERACY ! Literacy is simply the ability to read and write. It’s the most foundational piece of education there is. Knowing how to read and write well is what opens up so many unique opportunities to us throughout life.

So Easy A Caveman Could Do it

Just kidding. I wanted to say that so bad though. Reading comes very easy for some kids and not so easy for others. That can be from a lack of support or from a cognitive processing issue. I feel very fortunate that reading came naturally to me and was very deeply ingrained in my life. My mother had me reading Dr. Seuss books on my own by age 2. And not just memorizing but actually reading.

All through school I excelled with flying colors and with many other things along the way, reading early prepared me to do a little bit of everything because I knew so much more existed from what I could physically see. I knew because I read about it ! I read about people overcoming all sorts of obstacles. I read hella research papers etc. Being an avid reader inspired me to be who I am today; a person who articulates well enough to deeply inspire others.

Literacy In Numbers

Globally, the youth literacy rate increased from 83 percent to 91 percent over two decades, while the number of illiterate youth declined from 170 million to 115 million. Still, there are so many challenges; literacy is lowest in the least developed countries and more males than females are illiterate.

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There is something called a functional illiterate. That’s someone who does know how to read and write but not well enough for most jobs. America has 45 million functional illiterates that cannot read or write above a fifth grade level.

An astonishing 50% of American adults cannot read past an 8th-grade level. 85% of juvenile offenders have trouble reading.

75% of children who read poorly at age 9 will struggle to read for the rest of their lives. More than 60% of American 4th graders are not proficient readers.

Why Literacy Matters

The more literate you are, the better you can communicate. Additionally, low literacy individuals struggle to find employment and they settle for low-paying jobs; they fight to increase their earning power and to support their families. They under-utilize the healthcare system out of fear, or over-utilize it because they are unable to follow written instructions on prescriptions or discharge papers.

The greatest single indicator of a child’s academic success is the educational level of his/her mother. If a parent can’t read, the child starts school at a disadvantage. Then, once the child is in school, the parent is unable to help with homework. Low literacy perpetuates across generations. An illiterate life is a harder life in so many different ways.

So you if you do nothing else today, read a little more. Especially to your kids.


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