Manifesting With Manifestos

Hear me out, sis. We’re about to talking about manifesting. You’ve heard about things like manifest destiny and manifestos for certain professions. You may not have, however, heard about a personal manifesto ! Long story short, you need one. Let’s talk about why ! Next week we’ll talk about affirmations and how they play a role.

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Manifest It

To manifest something can mean something different depending on who you’re talking to and what you guys are talking about. The dictionary defines manifesting as this: displaying or showing (a quality or feeling) by one’s acts or appearance; demonstrating. It doesn’t really explain the true power behind it and how thoughts become things. It doesn’t let you know that all of our manifesting each day or that our current lives are made up of things we’ve manifested.

Thoughts Are Things

If you are more familiar with the term, you hear it in statements like “manifest your dream life.” People who don’t believe that’s possible usually exist because of miscommunication. They associate manifesting with wishing and praying without taking any actions. Manifesting is more than just sitting in a corner hoping for a miracle. It takes real WORK and it takes living with intention.

Manifesting is using your imagination to solidify the details of your dream life and focusing on that imagery intensely until it inspires your brain to come up with a resolution for you to get the things you want.

Tying It Into Conscious Parenting

As we WELL know, there’s no blueprint for raising the perfect child. It’s literally impossible because there are so many unknowns. But there are definitely certain things we can control that will make it more likely that out children will have a successful future. For example, maybe you believe that for your child to be their best self they need to be more open with you. Let’s say that currently they don’t express their feelings to you much. You can manifest that !

Spend some time each day, a minimum of 5 minutes imagining the things you and your child will do together and how the conversations will start. Give your imagery as much details and emotion as you possibly can. I mean really use your imagination. It works best if it’s the same one or two images every single time. It will create almost a sort of false memory that your brain must scramble to make sense of.

You’ll start realizing that you can be more open yourself when it comes to people in your life. It will get easier to do so and your child will both feel and see the change. That inspires them to be more open then voila ! You’re walking shoulder to shoulder on the beach talking about the other family members, school, hobbies and all of the deep feelings will just fall right out. Exactly the way you imagined.

Tying It To Conscious Businessing

So there ARE blueprints to building copacetic businesses but those blueprints don’t necessarily teach you how to keep yourself as a Woman together. Add things into your manifesto about the type of experience you want people to have when they come across your brand. Add in what type of leader you wish to be.

It’s Not Magic, It’s Manifest

Like with many other things we don’t generally understand, those not in the know think it’s magic. Like intuition and affirmations. We can even argue that prayer is in that same category. And no cap, people trying to make money off of the topic certainly make it more confusing, pushing that it is magically and that only they can help you make things happen. Manifesting, like the other things mentioned have been confirmed to work through studying the brain. But the first step to accessing this resource is believing it can be done, which means not everyone is going to be able to do it.

Write Your Own

Spend some time within this next seven days writing out your manifesto. Pick a goal and create your strong emotional imagery. Then write it out ! Feel free to research examples of other parents personal manifestos so that you have a good head start. We’d love to see what you come up with !

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