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As I transition further and further away from any kind of marketing services, I want to make sure I’m leaving you with some solid marketing advice. We’re going to spend a few weeks talking about marketing on social media. Facebook used to be my personal favorite since it’s my most lucrative channel so let’s start there !

Your Facebook Audience

With every social media platform it’s important to know the general audience. It definitely matters because one of the best way to sell is to make people feel like you’re talking directly to them. You can’t figure out the best voice and tone without knowing who you’re speaking to !

Facebook has about 1.2 billion female users and 1.5 billion make users. The biggest demographic is male users between the ages of 25 and 34. They account for 19.3%. 70% of all US adults are on this platform. As a matter of fact, 90% of all Facebook’s daily active users are from North America. Also, 82% of college graduates are on there. Which totally makes sense because it started off as a college only platform.

Posting frequency

Your personal profile is different from Facebook groups and pages so they don’t have the same rules either. On your personal Facebook profile, do whatever you want at your own discretion. Just aim to share something on it from your page or group at least once each day. Your page and groups will do best with a minimum of 2 branded or curated posts each day. No matter what, never skip a day without letting your audience know first. Well, I mean you can. I just don’t advise it.

Post Specs

Facebook recommends that your photos and graphics are a minimum of 1080 x 1080 pixels. The file type should be a png or a jpeg. When you use specs other than those, you risk distorting the image. Pretty much any distortion is going to scream ‘low quality’.

Advertising on Facebook

Ads on Facebook are usually shared to Instagram too. They have always done fairly well for me personally and many people agree ! They do have some strict policies and it’s very likely that the first time you try it will get rejected. They currently, due to COVID, said they’re short staffed so they have a bot that checks them. The bots fail, often. Just be aware !


Since this platform doesn’t have a grid or anything, don’t obsess over the order you post in so much. Do, however, make sure that you’re still using branded posts every day. The best way to think about what to post is to remember that your competition is everything else that’s entertaining online. How are you entertaining your audience ?

Facebook Growth

Just like on other platforms, the algorithm changes pretty often. I guess they’re afraid for people to “game the system”. So I can’t guarantee how long this part of the blog will be relevant but it’s definitely relevant right now.

Organic reach is only at 5.2% and steadily declining. This means that all else equal, Facebook will only initially show your post to 5.2% of your current audience. The engagement rate on an organic Facebook post (in contrast to a paid ad) is only 0.08% for the average Joe or Jane. Learn more about the algorithm on Hootsuite !

Don’t Miss A Thing

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