Marketing On Pinterest

This is our last week talking about marketing on social media. I gave you the 411 on Twitter last week. This week we’re talking about their homie: Pinterest. Actually, I don’t know if they’re homies, I totally made that up.


With every social media platform it’s important to know the general audience. It definitely matters because one of the best way to sell is to make people feel like you’re talking directly to them. You can’t figure out the best voice and tone without knowing who you’re speaking to !

Pinterest is th 14th largest platform. If you’re like me, you can’t even name 14 different social media platforms. Don’t be alarmed though, Twitter is number 16. They have almost half a billion active users on any given day, which is up 20% from last year. This platform is also dominated by women with over 60% of all users being female. 40% are Gen Z’ers and 30% are Millenials.


So, people always want to know how often they should pin in order to get the best results. In short, literally as often as you can. The average is around 10 each day. There are just soooooo many pins, you don’t have to worry about oversaturating. The algorithm prevents that. No matter what, never skip a day without letting your audience know first.


Pinterest doesn’t have one standard size for your pins. It’s lowkey complicated. They go by ratios which can be like 2:3. This would be equivalent to 1000 x 1500 pixels. Here’s a list below:

Pinterest Pins

  • Standard Pins 2:3
  • Square Pins 1:1
  • Long Pins 1:2.1
  • Infographic Pins 1:3
  • Carousel Pins 2:3 or 1:1
  • Collections Pins: 2:3 for first image, 1:1 for additional
  • Story Pins: 9:16

Pinterest Video Pins:

  • Standard Video Pins 2:3
  • Square Video Pins 1:1
  • Vertical Video Pins (Portraits) 9:16
  • Long Video Pins 1:2


There isn’t a lot of recent data on Pinterest about their ads and how they’re doing. 2020 articles are undoubtedly old because they pull data from 2019. COVID has changed the entire game. For example, about 18 months ago, 80% of Pinterest users were women. So all advice given tailored to that. Now, with more people at home than ever and many people starting their own business, the gap is widening and its male users have doubled.

However, it’s known that Pinterest is sort of an inspiration station (don’t steal my phrase). This means people go there when they’re thinking about putting together their next project, or redecorating, or looking to find a new hobby. So if you’re a Creative, Pinterest is DEFINITELY the place for you to make bank, no official data needed to back that up.


Pinterest has a grid platform similar to Instagram. So aesthetix matter more here than they do on Facebook or Twitter. Make use of branded posts and other curated content that is easily traced back to you.

Pinterest GROWTH

Just like on other platforms, the algorithm changes pretty often. I guess they’re afraid for people to “game the system”. So I can’t guarantee how long this part of the blog will be relevant but it’s definitely relevant right now.

One of the most consistent stats is that the more you pin, the faster your audience grows. Infographics also do especially well. Pinterest works best as a collaborative effort. Which would look like creating boards for others to join, joining a board you’re interested in and commenting on other Pinners videos. When you think of Pinterest, definitely think of community.

Keep Vibin’ Wit Me !

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