Marketing On Twitter

We’re going to spend a couple more weeks talking about marketing on social media. We gave you the 411 on Instagram last week. This week we’re talking about their archnemesis: Twitter.


With every social media platform it’s important to know the general audience. It definitely matters because one of the best way to sell is to make people feel like you’re talking directly to them. You can’t figure out the best voice and tone without knowing who you’re speaking to !

Twitter is one of the fastest changing platforms so note that this was true in October 2020. It won’t hurt to do a quick search of stats if you’re reading this blog a year from now. Roughly 42% of all users are on daily. 22% of those users are adults from the United States. 71% of all users say they’re on Twitter for news. 85% of all small and medium businesses use Twitter as a customer service platform which most regular users are okay with. The most used emoji in all tweets ever is “Face with Tears of Joy”.


So, people always want to know how often they should tweet in order to get the best results. In short, literally as often as you can. The average is around 14 a day and many sources say around 30 is ideal. Twitter doesn’t tell you to relax until you tweet more than 2,000 times in a 24 hour period, which is nearly impossible. No matter what, never skip a day without letting your audience know first.


Twitter recently stopped cropping photos ! It was such a big deal that the photography community gave the day its own hashtag; although I can’t remember what it was anymore. So post away ! Just keep the videos around 2 minutes or less and you’re golden.


Most people feel like advertising on Twitter is a lost cause. I honestly haven’t tried it. The main reason is because as much I’m on there scrolling for myself and several other clients… I hardly ever see any ads. I have no idea what they would even say. Promoted ? Sponsored ? Ad ? This tells me that they’re either hidden or they don’t easily get shown to many people. Either way, it’s an issue.


Since this platform doesn’t have a grid or anything, don’t obsess over the order you post in so much. Do, however, make sure that you’re still using branded posts every day. Don’t forget to add just one or two hashtags as well.

Twitter GROWTH

Just like on other platforms, the algorithm changes pretty often. I guess they’re afraid for people to “game the system”. So I can’t guarantee how long this part of the blog will be relevant but it’s definitely relevant right now.

One of the best features on Twitter is the trending section. One of the easiest ways to get a lot of impressions without even having a single follow is to comment on popular trending tweets. From there, mingle with people and follow them. Many times they’re going to follow you right back unless they have a blue check mark.

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