Marketing Tips

Before I went to marketing school I had a my first legal business selling homemade, vegan, all natural skincare products. Having went to cosmetology school and studied independently in medical science and chemistry, I KNEW my products were of quality. I knew for sure that I was making luxury products so why wasn’t I getting any sales ???

Oh Yeah.. Marketing.

I had no clue how to actually make my products discoverable. I didn’t know how to show people 1) that I wasn’t a fraud and 2) that what I made was worth the money once they did find me. So I’d sit up all night googling lists for marketing tips. This was back in 2012 but if you google it now you’ll essentially find the same things. 

Long stories that seem to never get around to the actual tips, websites with 500 ads that prevent the full page from loading (horrible marketing), the same list of maybe 7 tips copied and pasted onto 10 different websites or lists of maybe 50 that had the same things said over and over again just worded slightly different. 


It was exhausting and I hated it and I really didn’t even learn that much either. So BOOM ! I took the best tips from my favorite lists back then and tips gleaned through my own personal experience and put it in a book. So there you have 101 MARKETING THINGS THAT’RE REALLY IMPORTANT !

101 different marketing tips you can implement in your business right now. I guarantee that if you work on these consistently within 6 months you will start making $100 a day. Now only YOU know how hard you’re really working on each tip but I will say these are the same tips I give my clients and they’ve found the success that I’m promising you.

Buy The Book

So for $4, if you’re struggling or looking for ways to make money doing what you love definitely give it a go. You can find the downloadable PDF version right here on my website or you can purchase it via iBooks !

Have you already read it ? Started implementing ? I want to hear from you ! Let me know how it’s going in the comments.