Mental Preparation

When I talk about preparation and business, most of my clients start thinking of things like registering an LLC or getting on social media to market themselves. But the question of the hour, my loves, is this: Are you mentally prepared to start a business ? Definitely keep reading if your goal is to start a business for the new year !

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Who you are is who you are. Period. Way back in the day when I was preaching full time, one of my favorite scriptures was in the book of Romans. It talked about ‘faithful in least is faithful in most’. This means that if in your personal day to day life you, for example, have an issue meeting deadlines, that behavior will carry into everything else you do. You don’t just decide to start a business then wake up the next day being a super serious and responsible adult.

If you find it difficult to start and maintain deep relationships with people, that follows you. It’s going to be difficult to build an audience that converts into loyal clients. If you typically give up on projects and people when things get a little uncomfortable, it’s the same. You will bail on your business when things aren’t going your way.

How To Prepare To Win

So you read the last two paragraphs and said to yourself, “Oh fuck, maybe I’m not ready to start a business.” It’s okay. Don’t panic babe. There are totally things you can do to prepare yourself. First thing is to take inventory of where you’re at and who you believe that you are currently. Next, consider who you want to be. Also, who you need to be in order to do whatever it is you want to do.

For example, if you want to open a bakery, it’s crucial that you set your store hours and be there exactly when you say you will be there. If you’re currently a person that is typically half an hour late to everything, in order to be a successful bakery owner, you’ll need to learn how to start being prompt. You’ll need some preparation.

Preparation Systems

Your sense of time is pretty set in stone within you. So just saying, “I’ll be on time from now on,” probably won’t be enough to get you there on time. Motivation and willpower, even when they do work, are fleeting. I learned through reading Atomic Habits and Organized Mind that the path of least resistance includes building preparation systems that make it difficult to be late. Here’s a few that may help:

  • Get to bed early so that you wake up in enough time to get ready and go.
  • Practice doing one thing a time. Sometimes being late is due to getting side tracked instead of focusing on the task at hand.
  • Pick out your clothes and lay out what you need to groom yourself the night before.
  • Change all of your clocks to be 15 minutes fast. Because if all else fails, trick yourself.

Keep The Preparation Going

You can apply this thinking to every single thing you want to do. Another thing that helps is having someone to act as an accountability partner. That can be a friend, a colleague or it can be… me ! In 2022 I’ll be slowly converting from branding + marketing to branding + wellness.

I understand that in order to be an awesomer businesswoman, you have to be an awesomer woman, period, first. So I’m developing programs where we tackle your mindset and overcome defeating habits systematically first and then start branding your business on the right foot.

The best brands are rooted in authenticity. You’ve probably heard me say that a thousand times now. To root yours properly, you have to understand on a deep level who you are, what you’re doing and why. I’d love to assist and guide you on that journey.

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