#Millionaire Mindset

A lot of entrepreneurship is about mindset. And by a lot I mean like 80% of it. So it can’t really be ignored. Over half of all businesses started fail within their first year. Of those that go on, only 1% reach the coveted 2 comma club. What sets apart the successful from the unsuccessful is largely due to the lifestyle of the person running the show. So what does a millionaire mindset look like ?

It Looks Like Millionaire Mindset Money

Welp, I took a look at some real life millionaires for that answer ! From there I broke it down into 5 actionable bullet points. Alright, so BOOM !

  1. Millionaires have extreme focus.
  2. They are goal-oriented.
  3. Millionaires invest both their money and their time wisely.
  4. They never stop learning like EVER.
  5. Millionaires think big.

Alright that’s it ! That’s the blog ! Go make a million !!

Jk I lied. Actually, I lied twice bc there’s another important bullet point.

6. If you can get a mentor, GET A MENTOR !

Pull vs Push Motivation

Millionaires live by the pull method of motivation. You can only be pushed to do something so long before you burn out. Instead, focus on the positive and block out the negative. Activate tunnel vision and get into flow and it’ll pull you in.

Science has proved over and over again that writing your goals down is magic. Millionaires and people who are otherwise successful not only have goals but they write them down and break them down in a way that lets them take a step towards each goal every single day. They reread their goals on a regular basis and take a few minutes to visualize the moment the goal is achieved.

Balling On A Budget

Millionaires are relatively frugal. Of course we see them splurge on things with astronomical cost but that’s why relative is the keyword here. They invest much more than they spend and they do thorough research and use crazy amounts of discernment and intuition before handing over the money.

Things change rapidly ! If you have children you especially know this about education. I got an A+ in advanced calculus but I get a migraine trying to help my 2nd grader with word problems (insert dramatic pose). To stay relevant in your field and hold on to your million like Mr. Krabs you absolutely HAVE to learn. Warren Buffet and Bill Gates average(averaged ?) 50 and 100 books a year.

The Millionaire Mindset = Dream Big, Do Bigger

#DreamBigDoBigger. A campaign I did back in 2015 apparently embodies the millionaire mindset. “The problem is not that we aim too high and miss. It’s that we aim too low and hit.” “Shoot for the moon. If you miss at least you’ll land amongst the stars.” Everybody but Patrick has heard these before (my daughter is watching Spongebob as I type this. Hence the references). When you aim to do the impossible you open up a whole new world of possibilities that are closed off to those who live solely in realism.

The last tidbit is pretty self-explanatory. You can certainly achieve great heights by yourself. Using the term ‘great’ loosely. But look at athletes. Specifically football and futbol because those are the two I see people get the most hype over in my personal life. They have copious amounts of self-discipline, focus and drive. Why ? Because they have someone guiding their every move and keeping their mindsets in check by feeding them only industry-related everything like 80% of the time. Get yourself the Belichick of industrial cleaning or fashion design or marbling and watch your success blow exponentially !

Note: Hashtag in the featured photo is misspelled on purpose because the original hashtag is so spammy now !