No one will care when I go away

No one listens to what I have to say

I’m so accustomed to a lifetime full of grey

Get the fuckin sun up out my shade

I’m stewing in the hell that I made

I didn’t know but I shoulda known since first grade

But I was busy learning other things

Like the drugs my aunt was on

And how to tell apart my moms screams

A life full of violence

All I crave is silence

A good book and wine but that’s where my demons find me

Buried deep in my subconscious

So I keep it loud and out of focus

That’s how I wrote this.


I’m nobody

Doing nothing

Going nowhere


So far from home

On my own

Me, the stars and this lonely road

No moon

No home



Damn it’s really the end

I’ll really never see you again

Never hear your voice and grin

I’ll miss you so much, my friend

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