The Actual 3 Comma Club


$9.99 / 30 days

The 3 Actual Comma Club is an interactive, guided Facebook Group where I’ll expound on all of the tips given in the book. With 2 tips each week I will:

  • Expound on the tips
  • Give you additional research
  • Give you actionable steps and optional deliverables
  • Assign goals based on the tips
  • Create a culture of accountability and collaboration so that everyone can learn to apply it all to their specific business.

You can also count on constant encouragement and support along with shared resources to make the beginning of your journey in entrepreneurship smoother.

I will also have two 10 week modules available to help you build your Brandstory and the foundation of your business. They’re self-paced and come with an optional quiz that will give you a certificate of completion at the end !


The Actual 3 Comma Club will also give members the opportunity to get exposure for their business through the podcast !



After your purchase, please send your Facebook name and a request to the group to be approved.