On July 8, 2022 I had my first ever Reiki session and I’m pretty over the moon about it honestly. I know what it has to do with chakra balancing but logistically I had no idea what the process was to look or sound like.

What Led Me To Go

When I did the Launch Dayton Early Risers program I remembered the facilitator mentioning that she’s done a reiki session before. I loved how warm she felt and how balanced she seemed so on that alone it seemed like a good idea. But as she described the benefits of the session I grew even more intrigued. She talked a lot about the healing journey she was on as a whole.

Months after that I stroll into Barnes & Nobles as I typically do and let the store tell me what I need. I often don’t know what book I want and just let the literature choose me. Well, I see these two spiritual series that reminds me of the For Dummies books. Amongst others in the two series, I decided to get the Reiki book.

Learn Something New

I’d been alternating between all 10 books at the time and finished the Reiki book first. As it goes into explaining that there are layers and there are secrets and symbols and there are an oral traditions, I get even more intrigued ! I have this goal to open a metaphysical store in the near future. In the back, I’d like to have open rooms for spiritual services. I figured one of them could be Reiki !

So a week prior to my appointment, as I was reading the book, I decide to just go for it and see if there’s a practitioner who looks like me close to me and at an affordable price. I found one ! Not only did I find one online close by but TWO people that I know and trust had left online reviews.

The Reiki Experience

It was super interesting because when I first started reading tarot for friends I would always get this distinct feeling in my throat and I had no idea what it was. I get a lot of messages in songs. Sometimes when I’d sing out loud the feeling would go away so of course I thought it meant I need to sing. Then I would notice I felt it when I thought about saying something then changed my mind. So I realized it’s when I need to use my throat chakra in general.

When I arrived to the space to get the service. I had the wildest urge to word vomit. The blue sheets stood out to me but I wasn’t sure why. Then in the session she said she felt that I had a problem speaking up sometimes and she picked up on that through my intake form and thus decided to use the blue sheets.

From there, it was sort of like a therapy session. She asked me questions about me so that she could get more context to what kind of healing I may need. That way she could give good suggestions for things I can do at home to stay balanced. She used tuning forks and other sound tools. Honestly I have no idea what they were but I loved that they were colorful. And I just felt a nice peacefully energetic tingling sensation all over my body. When I left I felt peaceful and tired ! She reminded me to drink plenty of water and I reminded myself to eat real foods.

How Reiki Can Help You

So why talk about this here, right ? Firstly because this is a Creative Branding AND Wellness Firm so the wellness part cannot be left out. A majority of my clients that have sort of fallen off the path to their dream all have had the same issue. Their personal life gets in the way of their career. In order to really maintain a profitable business, in order to actually make it to owning and operating one, you have to be whole as a person. Period.

Having your chakras, your energy centers, off balance can absolutely impact how you run your business. If your root chakra is off, you won’t feel safe enough to take the risks you need. If your sacral chakra is off, you’ll let your emotions get in the way of you making decisions that will move you forward. Your solar plexus being off will having you lacking the confidence you need to really drive brand awareness home. It will prevent you from asking for the sale. When your heart chakra is off, you’ll have trouble treating your clients or customers with compassion. Your copy won’t show enough emotion to really draw people in and keep them.

Having your throat chakra off kilter will prevent you from speaking up about your brand. Your third eye and crown being off will stop you from following your intuition and using your discernment. A reiki session will get all of that right for you so that you’re equipped with the energy you need to do your best !


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