What: General Consultations

How: Either in person or via Zoom or FaceTime we will meet up for me to answer 3 to 7 important questions about your brand for you.

Why: You need advice about something or you need guidance but you’re not exactly sure what.

When: Any stage of bringing your business to fruition and after you’ve already got the ball rolling !

Price: $40 for 30 minutes or $60 for 60 minutes.

What: Entrepreneurship Development

How: We will send you 5 books, a custom Copacetic Branding journal to take your detailed notes in, links to my top 10 favorite captivating, motivational speeches and a voucher for a free 30-minute consultation.

Why: Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, it’s not solely your brand and your business. This package will help you become more familiar with how business works and the mindset necessary to survive the journey.

When: This package is most beneficial when you’re starting a business but you don’t have any formal business training.

Price: $500

What: Business Legitimacy Guidance

How: We will go over your vision to identify which structure would be ideal for your situation. We will then go through step by step to get you registered and in compliance.

Why: It’s important to set your company up in the correct format. Each format has different laws and tax requirements. Setting it up in a way that’s not accurate could lead to fines and even jail time.

When: This service is beneficial when you’re moving from idea to execution or hobby to official legal company.

Price: $150/hr

What: Proofreading Editing

How: You will send me either a digital or physical copy of your content and I will have it reviewed and submitted to you with suggested edits within 48 hours.

Why: Spelling errors decrease reliability by 63% ! It’s important to make sure that your content is perfect.

When: When you already have a website that has content but you want to make sure your copy is grammatically correct and easy to understand.

Price: Starts at $20

What: Copywriting SEO

How: We will use a detailed questionnaire in order to create copy for your website that is both captivating and that will work towards getting you on the first page of google.

Why: It takes time to land on googles first page and their algorithm gets stronger every day to prevent shortcuts. Having professional copy on your website gets you on the road to being a first pager and helps you connect and build bonds with your audience.

When: This service is appropriate when you’re curating or revamping your website.

Price: $80/hr

What: Product Photography

How: When you send us your product we will craft images based on your brand aesthetic and give you ownership to 5 .tiffs of your choice.

Why: Having high quality, creative product photos helps enhance brand awareness and brand loyalty which means customers will spend more money with you more often.

When: This service is appropriate for purchase any time you have a product to offer.

Price: $50 per product

*Special photogrpahy requests can be made here.

What: Website Photography

How: We will collaborate with you to provide an assortment of creative photos for your brand. This can include studio photos, on location photos, photos of things, people or places. Sky is the limit.

Why: When you pull photos off google or a random Instagram account you run the risk of copyright infringement or the embarrassment of people recognizing your content from somewhere else, like a competitor. Instead, you can order and own the rights to custom photos.

When: This service is best ordered when you’re putting your website together or when you’re planning your social media posts for the week.

Price: Starts at $50.

*Special photogrpahy requests can be made here.

What: Stock Photos

How: We will email high resolution .tiff copies of any photo on our website. You would have permission to edit and use the photo however you’d like.

Why: Purchasing stock photos are a great way to have high resolution, professional photos for your website, social media or print materials without having to pay for a photographer and studio.

When: This service is appropriate anytime you’d like to add a photo anywhere you’re branding.

Price: $3

*To choose a stock photo click here.

What: Logos

How: A basic logo includes one symbol and one phrase in one color. We will craft 3 different options for you to choose from and grant you two edits. Copacetic logos are more variable and creative and is priced accordingly.

Why: Logos are the best way for people to recognize something from your brand. Your logo is like your mascot and sets the tone for the rest of your branding journey.

When: Having a logo is one of your first steps in branding your new business ! It’s never too soon for one.

Price: Starts at $70

What: Hashtag Packages

How: We will research the top 10 hashtags for your individual objective. We will also assist you in crafting your own branded hashtag. These usually expire after a month.

Why: Hashtags are like digital business cards. They let potential clients and customers locate you and gives them an idea of what you’re about.

When: This service is for when you’re ready to start connecting with potential clients and customers outside of your initial community and beyond the people you personally know and their friends.

Price: $50

What: Social Media Reviews

How: We will look over all of the details of your social media including historical data available and collaborate with you to make sure the tone of the page mimics your brand. Each review comes with a detailed report including suggestions for moving forward.

Why: Your social media is 100% part of your company and should be branded as such. A cohesive, professional profile will both attract and retain customers and build brand loyalty.

When: A social media review is in order when you’re wanting to convert your personal page to a business one, when you’re first starting your business and after you’ve started as a check-in.

Price: $50 per platform

What: Digital Ad Campaigns

How: We will curate digital ads for your Facebook, Instagram or on Google and run them for you. At the end of the campaign, we will detail a report for you with suggestions on how to move forward.

Why: Getting your material in front of people is the key to success ! These three platforms are very high traffic and customizable. Digital ads are a great way to attract and retain customers and to encourage sales.

When: Digital ads are appropriate after you’ve optimized opportunities from the people you already know.

Price: $150 per campaign

What: Influencer Networking

How: We will find the most notable influencers in your industry and draft a proposal for you.

Why: You can have the absolute best product or service in the world but that’s a moot point if no one knows that you offer it ! Influencer networking is a great way to get in front of a lot of people without them being guarded.

When: This is a form of advertisement and is appropriate whenever you’re ready for more exposure.

Price: $100 plus influencer fee

What: Website Curation

How: We will build a website for you using WordPress as the host. We will also give you training on how to use the back end. You can provide the copy for the content or you can allow us creative control at no extra charge. The standard service is limited to 3 pages. Additional pages are an extra $50.

Why: Having a professional website is one of the strongest signals of a stable brand. You want a website that reflects your brand identity perfectly and sets expectations for your customers.

When: This service is most beneficial right after you’ve registered/licensed your business or when you’re rebranding.

Price: $700 plus $50/monthly

What: Survey Development

How: We will curate quality questions to meet your objectives and follow up with an in-depth report including suggestions on how to move forward.

Why: Gauging your audiences satisfaction or gathering ideas from them is imperative to running a successful business. You want to know how your customers think and how they utilize your products and services. The way to find out is to ask !

When: Surveys are appropriate any time you have questions for your customers.

Price: $100 for 10 questions. $15 for each additional question.

What: Market Research

How: We will conduct discussion panels and in-depth interviews for you. Styles are catered to the information needed. All information will be submitted to you in a report with suggestions on how to move forward and an analysis of the data.

Why: Trial and error can be expensive. That cost can be drastically reduced by doing research first !

When: This is a more advanced service. You should have all your primary functions solid before you delve into market research. This service is appropriate when you’re thinking about rolling out a new segment of your business or a new product for a new audience.

Price: $100/hr

What: Print/Promotion Material

How: We will help you figure out what time of tangible promotion items are best for you and how to use them best. We will also help you collaborate with a master illustrator to design and order materials.

Why: Having custom materials signals that your brand is to be taken seriously.

When: This service is most beneficial for vendors and businesses with physical locations.

Price: varies

What: Creative Workshops

How: We will send you 14 guided activities/worksheets catered to your industry designed to boost the creative mind immediately prior to idea generation.

Why: Thinking outside the box is imperative to innovation. Since that doesn’t come naturally for some of us, there are workshops to train on creativity.

When: You’ll want to invest in this service when you have writer’s block, are trying to come up with ideas to expand your business, would like to come up with a new product or anything else creative where you’ve hit a wall. This workshop is also great for people who have more of an aptitude for math and science but would like to learn to tap into their creative powers.

Price: $700

What: Super Consultations

How: We will give you all access to our brains for an entire week via text, email and call. Any questions you have or advice you need will be communicated within 2 business hours.

Why: Sometimes when you’re working on something you need assistance as you go. It’s difficult to schedule each time and get the information promptly. This is a way for you to have us on call for a flat rate.

When: This service is ideal for people working on a difficult startup task or specific project where they need prompt assistance as they work through the process. This is especially useful for urgent time-sensitive projects.

Price: $1000

What: Social Media Management

How: We will curate up to three posts each day for you and post them at the most optimal times. We will also like any comments under these posts and respond if you wish. At the end of the week, we will submit to you a report about how the posts did.

Why: The best way to gain and retain followers is to post consistently. Don’t let yourself get too busy to post quality content or you’ll find yourself losing followers which means losing potential sales.

When: This service is most beneficial when you’re focusing on expansion or another big project and temporarily need someone to take over your social media.

Price: $150 per platform per week.