Social Media Captions

Social media captions are extremely important. Whether it’s a regular post or a promoted post, you want it tailored to your current social media objectives. And that main objective should be to get your audience to engage with you and your brand ! After all, one of the most important goals you have is to make a profit and that’ll never happen if you can’t catch anyone’s attention. So here are three tips to help you craft a copacetic caption.

Understand The Needs Of Your Audience

Before you can understand the needs of your audience you need to know who your audience is ! You can read up on that here in one of our prior blogs or listen to our podcast episode about it here.

Once you know who exactly your audience is, you need to grab their attention by saying things that would resonate with them. When putting together your buyer persona, you’ll have already figured out what they like to do, their shopping habits and what motivates them. Then you’ll know how to speak their language and serenade them into a purchase by explaining how they benefit from your brand.

Put The Important Stuff First

You’ve probably noticed the hyperlink ‘see more’ in the captions on certain posts on different social media platforms. Well, guess what. Most people don’t click it ! At least not without being convinced. So you’ll want to front load the most important information just in case. Instagram specifically allows 2200 characters but they cut off visibility usually after the first 3 or 4 lines. Definitely save the @’s and #’s for the end !

Include a Call to action (CTA)

You want people to see your cool ass graphic and then read the caption and then… what ? If you don’t know, they won’t know either. Without a CTA many people just think “cool caption” and keep it pushing. Let them know exactly what you want them to do ! Common CTAs are:

  • Buy NOW
  • Shop With Us
  • Sign Up Today
  • Read Our Blog
  • Tag A Friend

About The Length

Not so much a tip but just a point for the homies; you’ll see conflicting information on whether captions should be long and touching or short and sweet. This is 1000% up to you. What’s most important is that you just say what you came to say !

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