Social Media Photography

When it comes to your social media, let’s be honest, it’s all about pictures. Sure Instagram is the most visual platform and Tiktok is best for videos right now. However, all social medias show the best analytic data in favor of photos ! This blog is gonna give you a few tips on how to get your social media poppin’ !

What Makes A Good Picture

So ‘good’ is super subjective. What looks good to me isn’t going to look good to everyone else at all times. Still, like with beauty, there are a few things that still tend to be consistently true for a significant portion of all ‘good’ photos and social media photography. These things make a good photo, as a rule of thumb:

  • Proper lighting
  • Use of the Rule of Thirds
  • Lots of lines
  • Different shapes, textures and patterns
  • A balance of colors

In the FotoRunz, I explain these 5 elements a little more, then we walk around the block to take photos and have some real world examples of good photography.

What Makes A Social Media Good Layout

Now let’s talk about Instagram, Pinterest and Tiktok because those are the most visual platforms. When people come to your profile, they first see your profile picture, your bio and then your layout. These things serve as your first impression, the vibe you first give everyone that stumbles upon you. This makes it pretty important to lay it out so that you’re making a good first impression !

First things first, as mentioned above, you can’t have a good layout without having good photos ! Every non-graphic photo (like Canva posts) needs to be a good photo for sure. Next, you want to keep your photos with a consistent vibe. This is where it comes in to develop your very own signature, which we also talk about during the class. Pick a color palette and stick to it. on Instagram is a PERFECT example of what I mean by this !

A checkerboard effect is one of the most visually appealing layouts you can incorporate. Check out @solidstarts for a great example of this. They pretty much alternate between graphics, photos and videos to create a pattern, letting their audience know what to expect. You can also choose to do a pattern row by row or by column if you’d like. Just whatever you pick, it’s best that you stick to it.

FotoRunz: Master Social Media iPhoneography

I’ve been talking about FotoRunz. We launched this class in September ! These are small, intimate iPhoneography lessons to help boost your brand on social media ! Take a walk around the block downtown and learn about things like angles, balance and lighting. Meet back at the office to learn 15+ editing lessons and how to edit the photos to match your aesthetix. Earn a certificate at the end and start posting like a boss !

Taking Pics For Social Media

As we go around the block we’re not JUST taking pictures. I chose a smooth 10 spots that I know for sure can easily make a good pic and we talk about the different elements of a good photo along the way. That way you really get it into your muscle memory and with a little practice the days following, you can definitely master taking your photos !

Editing Your Photos

As mentioned, there are 15+ mini editing lessons. When you go to your photo gallery and click edit, you’ll see a bunch of different presets and filters that can be applied. Even though you can play around and kind of notice the difference, there’s nothing that really tells you what all of these options do. That’s where I come in with the second part of the class. I tell you exactly what each option does, show you in real time, we compare them and I give you a cheat sheet to take home so you don’t forget.

Master iPhoneography

As of right now, this class is only offered for iPhone users. The reason for this honestly is because I’ve had an iPhone since high school so it’s the device I know ! I’ll be working on a Samsung version in 2022 so that no one is left out.

Register For The Next Class !

Classes are held every first and third Saturday of the month. There’s a morning option and an evening option. You can register for the next one below !

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