Top 5 Psychological Triggers To Get Clients To Spend Money

To get straight to the point, you are in business to make money. Period. A business not making money will simply never sustain itself. Joe Sugarman took this fact and came up with a list of psychological triggers for us to make more sales. Here’s 5 of those mind tricks you can use to earn more guap from your clients and customers !

1. Feelings of ownership

When people feel like they already own the thing you’re presenting they’re way more likely to buy it. Think of those mall dudes at the center kiosks (assuming your local mall is the same): When selling a flat iron they’ll sit you in the chair, have you look in the mirror while they straighten a piece of your hair. They explain what products you’ll need to protect those luscious locks from the heat in the morning when you do the rest of your hair. They talk to you as if you’ve already purchased it and they’re just giving a tutorial. And if you sat through the entire presentation… you definitely purchased.

2. Credibility

Sugarman says that credibility is just honesty and integrity combined. If your audience doesn’t trust you it’s going to be a hard no on handing over some cash. How can you show them you’re credible, that you know what you’re talking about ? If you have any degrees, certificates, licenses or the like put that EVERYWHERE. Client reviews do great as well and depending on your field, display things like your clienteles average ROI.

3. Satisfaction conviction

People have different tolerances for risk/reward deals. Over a certain dollar amount they may be reluctant to make a purchase that has the potential to disappoint them. The best way to get around that objective is to offer a guarantee. Like, BOOM, if you totally hate it, that’s fine because you can return it for a 100% refund within 90 days.

This actually builds your credibility as well because if you thought your product was trash there’s no way you’d offer a guarantee because you’d know for sure that you’ll be sending out a lot of refunds. So people feel often assume a guarantee means you’re credible and trustworthy.

4. Desire to belong

The desire to belong is an extremely powerful motivator. We are social creatures. Think of the idiom “keeping up with the Jones'”. I mean why do people buy a Mercedes ? A Harley ? A Birkin bag ? To belong to a group of elites.

5. Scarcity

This can also be referred to as the Sense of Urgency. When people think something may run out soon they’ll buy it like crazy even if they don’t need… just in case one day they possibly need it and there’s no more left on earth. Black Friday and Store Closing sales are the best example of this concept.

Check out the full list from Joe Sugarman from the KopywritingKourse.