What Is Originality ?

You’re looking for originality. You’re always looking for something that no one else has seen before. Something to make them special and set them apart from the normies. With probably a google of people having ever lived ever since the beginning of time though, the likelihood of you coming up with a truly unique and original idea is highly unlikely. But there are definitely ideas that didn’t work during the time of inception that can be rejuvenated. There are also ideas that very few people have heard of; so few people that it’s essentially still a novel and unique idea ! What’s more likely however, is coming up with what we like to call ‘neo-original thoughts’. 

A Book On Originality

The idea came from reading the book How To Steal Like An Artist. The book pretty much says that stealing large chunks of other people’s work is a huge no-no. It is plagiarism. And that happens to be very illegal. So what you can do instead is steal tiny unrecognizable pieces from so many different sources that they idea appears to be super original ! So it’s not stealing… it’s borrowing but remixed into forever. It’s as close to original as it’s believed humans will get in this day and age.

Actionable steps

Maybe you’re not looking for a super revolutionary, crazy, cool idea. Maybe you just want to put a little lemon pepper on a current project of chicken wings. No originally needed. Just a little pizzazz and here’s three ideas on how to make that happen.

  1. Stop reading about your competitors because it makes your mind anchor to a certain idea which kills your creativity. 
  2. Collaborate with someone outside of your brand and friend group for fresh new ideas. Someone who thinks super different from you and comes from another world, so to speak, will have tons of things to point out that you’ve never even considered. A conversation like this could definitely spark creativity.
  3. Travel as far as you can. Seeing something new and getting out of your comfort zone can be inspirational. Keep something with you to jot things out and watch how many fresh ideas you come up with !

What’s originality mean to you ? Let us know in the comments !

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