Why Dream Big

We’ve recommended that you dream big for the last few years and for the first time, someone recently asked us WHY ?! Super valid question, tbh.

Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.

Oscar Wilde

Essentially, you have to dream big because you need some wiggle room. Let’s use weight loss as an example. If you aim to lose 5lbs but only lose 3 it’s not an accomplishment. You were so close to such an easy goal AND SOMEHOW STILL FAILED ! See, that doesn’t even feel good to read, now does it ?

But if you have a goal of losing 100lbs and you lose 98… you’re not too caught up with those 2 pounds you didn’t lose this time. Being just shy from a huge goal is still a great accomplishment ! It builds the momentum you need to go on to bigger things. Much different vibe from the shame of not even achieving a small goal.

Dream Big

So how do you determine how to apply this to your own life ? First things first, dreaming bigger starts with believing in the fact that you can achieve big things. And that belief won’t come out of thin air. You have to have goals you’re striving towards to know whether or not you’re achieving something, right ? After you have your goals in order, here are 3 quick tips to help you dream big.

Get Confident

In the religion I grew up in, one piece of information they’d love to empower us with is the fact that you must pray then BELIEVE THAT YOUR PRAYER IS ANSWERED. When I watched The Secret on Netflix they mention that you must make your request and know that what you asked for is coming. It’s that faith and confidence that helps you to do your part and give your all while the rest is worked out for you behind the scenes. It’s out efforts that are blessed and rewards, not our thoughts alone.

Learn To Face Failure

One of the main reasons people settle for dreaming small is that they’re afraid of dreaming big then failing. Sit down and ask yourself what failure is exactly. Ask yourself what the consequences of that failure are. Physically write it down in detail. This is not a drill ! Just thinking about it doesn’t work. You need to literally write out your answer to both of those questions. Usually, what you’ll find is that your fear of failure makes no sense at all. Sometimes that realization is all you need to get the ball rolling.

Trust The Process

Humans, including us mompreneurs, are pretty trash at accurately imagining how good or bad we will feel during a future event. Still we tend to fixate on the apex of an experience and only tolerate the process. You have to both trust and enjoy the process to make it through !

Do Bigger

If you’ve watched The Secret on Netflix, you totally know this story already about the guy who created the Chicken Soup For The Soul books. He had a goal to make $100,000 off his books. Things worked out in such a way that he had an idea to sell a ton of copies for just a quarter each. Yes, twenty five cents. He planned in good faith is sell $100,000 of chicken soup books just pennies at a time.

He ends up meeting a reporter that works for a gigantic media outlet at the time. She gets him the press he needs and he sells just over $91,000 ! Do you think he was losing sleep at night over that $9,000 ? HELL NAH. He was rejoicing because he just made more money than he’d ever made, doing something he loved and was passionate about. And THAT is the power of dreaming big. He went on to become a multimillionaire from the book series. That’s how building that momentum gets you to do bigger.

Vision Boards

One of the best ways to start dreaming big and get to the point of doing bigger is to keep all of this in the forefront of your mind with a vision board. There’s 6 main categories I recommend you putting elements of for your vision board. Wealth, health, purpose, family, career and adventure.

After you put it together, hang it somewhere will you will easily see it every single day. Spend 5 to 30 minutes first thing every single morning looking at it then visualizing your life with everything on it ALREADY TRUE AND TANGIBLE FOR YOU. This hard wires the goals into your brain until it’s second nature to work towards them until they come true.

Come Vibe With us

Each month on the third Saturday we’ll be hosting Vision Board Parties downtown ! I provide all the materials for you to put it together. Learn more about it on the latest podcast episode then get your tickets below !

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