Conscious Businessing℠

Dream Big, Do Bigger

Does your spirit feel too big for a 9 to 5 ? Or do you feel like you should be doing something with more… passion, maybe ? Or more purpose ? Imagine finally feeling FREE ! Imagine living the copacetic life you see in your daydreams.

As a mom, I know it’s also important to you to both have time for and set the best example for your kids. And it’s like the jobs you’ve had so far do nothing but steal your time and fill your ‘free’ time with anxiety, making it hard to enjoy your kids, or your life at all sometimes.

Plus, let’s talk about how nobody really wants to work anyway. We just understand that we need money to survive. So what if you worked in a business that aligned with your soul so that it doesn’t feel like work ?

What if you had the tools needed to make enough money to buy your time back. Time used to truly LIVE your life ! Let’s uncover who you are and what you do best, with the least amount of effort. And let’s use that info to create a vibe that makes your dreams a reality.

What Is Conscious Businessing ?

In order to run your business the best, you have to be the best you ! Entrepreneurship is both a lifestyle and a mindset. To balance out that lifestyle, you have to balance your business life with your personal wellness. The two are deeply intertwined.

The best brands are rooted in authenticity. You have the option to dig even deeper into your own personality and work towards healing as a whole person so that you can better show up authentically in your business.

I call this, Conscious Businessing℠. Much like Conscious Parenting. Conscious Parenting is when you address your own trauma and heal your inner child so that you can give your children a life they won’t have to heal from. See the similarity ?

I will be using what I learned through my personal journey as an entrepreneur learning to live consciously and research along with years of therapy to guide you through your own journey from semi-slumber to full consciousness. You may be wondering then, what qualifies me ?

Who Is #TheVibeCreator

I am a single mama of one sassy, artsy, super-intelligent daughter who will be turning 12 on Earth Day in 2024. Way back in 2010 I decided to start my career as an Event Makeup Artist and a Hair Stylist. After working in a high-end salon, I decided I was going to relocate to New York and work in fashion shows and on runways.

Then in 2012, I got pregnant. I thought my life was over. The people who loved me just wanted to protect me and my little bean, which looked like them advising me that the responsible thing to do would be to give up on my dreams and get a safe and stable job in corporate, with benefits.

So I did. And I died a little inside each day I had to go to work. I was working at a call center doing customer service for Medicaid insurance. Despite the beauty in the Founder’s mission for the company, the culture didn’t follow suit. I felt like a number in a huge organization without a voice that had to follow a system that treated their members like nothing but pests and paychecks. I hated it. I’d often check out and imagine all the other things I’d be doing instead if I could, like hike and travel and spend time with the human I’d be birthing soon.

It’s So COmplicated

After complications during child birth, with my baby daughter in NICU, I was fired from my corporate job for “too many absences”. They didn’t care about the dire situation I was in because they needed 200 people each answering 30 calls a day to stay on track Just as suspected, I was nothing but a number.

Feeling a little lost afterward, I knew for sure I didn’t want to go anywhere where I’d feel trapped and unappreciated. So I picked up gigs like Vector Marketing, Avon and Amway. Companies that promised me freedom of both time and money, with community love and support.

At first, it was liberating, then slowly the rose colored glasses slid from my face and I understood that my income depended on me recruiting more and more people and selling very little actual products. There was always pressure to pitch, pitch, pitch all day every day because the people above me needed to hit their numbers.

It didn’t take me long to realize this just was not for me. So I did what anyone in my position would do… I went back to school !

Does any of this sound familiar regarding your own life so far ? What did you decide to do ? What would you do if you were me ?

Well, in 2015 I returned to Wright State University and 3 years later graduated with my Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. Upon graduation, I felt like I had 2 choices. I could either find a job and hope it would be different, or I could build my own business. Now here we are !

Since 2018 I have wanted to quit a million times. I struggled with imposter syndrome, not knowing if I was good enough to charge people for what I did. I had trouble managing my time and staying motivated. I fumbled through prioritizing and often sacrificed sleeping and eating. I also took many unexpected days off due to depression and anxiety, over-sleeping and over-partying, impromptu dates and to grieve both the death of loved ones and to go through heartbreak.

I… did not know what was I doing ! I was very unprepared to navigate my life and my business at the same time.

It Can Be Different For You !

I’ve been divinely guided to put together programs that will help you streamline your journey instead of fumbling through it the way that I did. I’m here to guide you through being the hero in your own journey ! They say that it takes just 6 months of hard work and dedication to completely transform your life. If you commit to 3 or 6 months with me and follow the steps laid out for you, you WILL see that transformation.

You’ll notice that you smile and laugh more.

That your thoughts are more positive.

That you have more patience.

You’ll start getting better sleep.

You’ll have better relationships with your friends and family.

You’ll feel more confident

You’ll prioritize tasks better and make decisions faster.

You’ll find that you have better habits.

You’ll have a greater sense of purpose.

You’ll have more time to do the things that make you happy, including making new memories with your kids.

You can’t put a price on that.