Mission Statement: We empower single mompreneurs to dream big but do bigger through strategic, creative branding; so they can spend more time with their families.

Vision Statement: A world full of conscious families living out their wildest dreams.

Company Core Values: Consistency, Creativity, Freedom and Family

What We Do: We collaborate with you, a creative, to design a functional, cohesive and elite brand for yourself and your business. We increase awareness of your product and/or service and work to transform awareness into dollars.

End Goal: To earn enough revenue through branding to be able to give back to my community freely through non-profit organization Mindy’s Planet.

As of December 2018, Bunny has her degree in Marketing, Customer Insight. She also holds certificates in Cosmetology and as a Pharmacy Technician. However, her entrepreneurial efforts started several years prior to obtaining this degree.

In 2010 Bunny pursued and acquired her license in cosmetology from Regency Beauty Institute. At the beginning of 2011 she opened Beauty With Bunny™️. She left the cosmetology industry after the birth of her daughter in 2012 to pursue something more stable, with benefits. In 2013 she enrolled in a Pharmacy Tech program at Kaplan College for a change of pace and passed her board licensure that same year.

Combining skills from both experiences, such as chemical compounding, the science of color and personal branding, Tres Doux™️ was born. Tres Doux™️operated as an upscale, organic and all -natural handmade skin care company. Products were sold online and in local salons and spas. After a few years, that business was sold. She again used everything she learned from starting and running a product based company to add to her personal toolbox.

Over the next 3 years many opportunities for mentoring arose from friends and associates who also wanted to dive into entrepreneurship. This prompted her to start a consulting agency, Kumi Konsulting.

After unexpectedly enjoying mentoring much more, she decided to return to higher education in hopes of becoming a brand managing connoisseur. And here we are now !

Bunny decided to close Kumi, the consulting firm and open a niche brand management company. Her passion now is working other single mothers who just want to be a positive example for their children while pursuing the life they deserve. However, all entrepreneurial spirits are welcomed and appreciated.

Bunny loves to paint, hike, cook and write in her spare time and has also published two books so far which can be purchased below.

Pain And Pretty Poetry and Photography
Wiggle Room Book, excuses to get out of the things you hate doing.

You can reach Me through email and text message !

Consultations are done in person. In leiu of the current pandemic, all clients MUST wear a mask when entering the building. The mask must be kept on until you leave.

Customer Service hours are M 9:30am – 1:00pm

Tu – F 9:30am -2:00pm

*Priority hours are available for Copacetic Creaturez !

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