How Else Can I Serve You ?

I literally wake up every single day and ask “how can I bring value to others ?” I just GENUINELY want to see my girls win. So here’s a buncha free education and guidance for my Babes on a Budget and for mamas who want to see what I’m about before they invest !

Copacetic Brandstory PDF

Learn how to tap into your audience’s emotions by creating a compelling storyline for your brand.

Copacetic Book List PDF

Check out a list of some of the books I read to get the courage and one up needed to take that leap and chase my dreams !

Customer Acquisition Cost PDF

It’s always cheaper to keep a client than to get a new one. At any rate, know exactly how much money it’ll take so you can plan accordingly !

Foundation Worksheet PDF

Let’s craft your mission, vision and core values along with everything you need to get started on the best foot.

Sample 6 Month Marketing Plan PDF

Getting focused for a solid 6 months will get your life RIGHT…but 6 months doing what ? lol Check this out, sis.

SWOT Analysis Worksheet PDF

Analyze your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats so that you know how to best move in the next quarter.

Copacetic Days Planner Sheet PDF

Need help prioritizing for the day ? I GOT YOU ! Full planner coming soon.

Breakeven PDF

Find out what it will take to start making a profit in your business. Trust me, you need to know.

Copacetic SEO Tips PDF

This one and the next one go hand and hand. Tips to teach you how to get your website to convert.

Website Checklist PDF

This one lets you know exactly what needs to be on your landing page in order for it to convert (aka turn your audience into paying clients).

Here’s a sneak peek of our marketing course !