Branding Bootcamp

What Is It ?

The Branding Bootcamp is a 3 month program for women who are ready to start or redesign their dream business. I’ll be teaching you how to dive right into building a strong foundation and testing the waters.

What Comes With It ?

This program includes:

A 1 Year Membership to The Actual 3 Comma Club

Copies of our Marketing and Branding Books

A Digital or Physical Planner

Copacetic Business Cards + Flyers

A Copacetic Logo Suite

A 30 Day Social Media Content Template

Weekly 30 minute Check Ins + Goals + Info

Daily Affirmations + Encouragement

See the itinerary for our 3 months together below !

The Timeline

Week 1: Take a psychologist trusted personality quiz and get to know each other. Set expectations + get set up.

Week 2: Figure out what you want to sell, to who + where.

Week 3: Craft your bio, mission, vision + core values.

Week 4: Start putting together the aesthetics of your brand.

Week 5: Complete a SWOT analysis, learn how to play off strengths and transform weaknesses.

Week 6: Learn about the importance of connecting emotionally to your audience and craft your BrandStory.

Week 7: Learn what to do with your audience’s pain points and how to craft a plan to relieve their pain.

Week 8: Find out your competitive advantage and the solution you’re providing.

Week 9: Research your competitors and start drafting logo ideas.

Week 10: Start developing content and your social media strategy.

Week 11: Create or revamp your social media pages and start posting !

Week 12: Start working on the art of captions and scheduling content in advance.

Week 13: Hashtag research + learning how to reach your analytics

Ready To Invest ?

Let’s talk about whether or not this is a good fit for you ! Schedule a consultation with me before we jump in.