You’re ready to invest in your website right ?

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Let’s create your vibe Together, friend !

It’s okay if you don’t know where to start yet. Here’s more info to guide you. Know that websites are a highly engaging, collaborative effort. My websites are built using WordPress, however, redesigns can be completed on any platform. You’re ready to invest in a new website today because you get:

  • 1 Year Free of your hosting and domain fees ($400 value)
  • 1 Year Free of a custom email address ($150 value)
  • A Free Business Foundation template with Trello and accompanying coaching session ($250 value)
  • 30 Days of Free edits on your website after completion ($1000 value)
  • Training videos on the backend of your website ($200 value)
  • SEO copywriting and editing, we’ll write the words for you or edit what you have ! ($1000)
  • Rewards programs, booking and other add ons are all included ! ($500-$2000 value)
  • A sense of accomplishment because you’ve totally got your shit together now ! (Pricele$$)

Each website is designed with the psychology of decision making holding more weight than the way the site looks. This means that the copy is concise and the designs are CLEAN. Definitely check out the examples below to see what I mean ! But first… pricing.

Basic Website | 3 Page Informational


Basic websites typically come with a home page, a contact page and a blog or about us page. However, it can be whatever 3 pages you need. Just be aware that these sites don’t include a shop or any booking. They’re purely used to spread information and are most ideal for non-profits. Expect this project to between 20 and 45 days with weekly correspondence.

Aesthetix Website | Booking Website


This is ideal for Boss Babez and Bros in service based industries. It’s a super easy way to have people book their highlights or massage or their consult etc with you ! There’s no cap on pages and types of media, it just won’t include a shop. Expect this project to between 30 and 60 days with weekly correspondence.

Copacetic Website | Full eCommerce with Booking


A full ecommerce website with no cap on pages can be essentially whatever you want it to be ! We can have booking, a shop, classes, personal accounts, awards programs etc. The world is yours ! Expect this project to between 90 and 180 days with weekly correspondence.

Website Redesign

Quote Necessary

If you already have a website and own your domain but need it redesigned the price varies. Schedule a consultation with me first. Expect this project to between 45 and 90 days with weekly correspondence. The price of the consultation will be included in the price of your product.

*Sezzle is now available ! However, some clients don’t have an available balance high enough for a website. Copacetic i nstallment plans available for purchases over $1000. Please contact us.

Check out examples of my work first if you’re feeling fancy

Fatso Hard Kitchen

Based in Oak Park right outside of Chicago, Fatso Hard Kitchen provides a dining experience for many events. They also sell plates on the weekend and their signature Hug Rubs and Sauces.

SERENDIPITY Community Care

This simple website is for a marijuana clinic in downtown Dayton, Ohio.

Jolorah’s BEauty

If you’re looking for luxury bundles and hair education, Jolorah is your girl. We made sure to include her Mastery class and wholesale program on the website as well as an area for booking.


This one is an adult website. Special precautions have to be taken with adult brands without sacrificing design or functionality. Take a look if you’re okay with seeing adult toys and mildly sexual images.

Appetizer Writez

A simple yet highly creative poetry and novel blog. The website is elegantly restaurant themed while retaining a writers aesthetic.