Websites are $1500 and include up to 10 pages, your domain and first hosting fees. You will also be trained on the backend after completion and you’re entitled to 3 free revisions within the first 30 days.

If you already have a website and own your domain but need it redesigned the price is only $500.

We also offer one page informational websites for $300. These sites are more for if you’re not selling anything but the primary purpose to give your audience information in which they will contact you on later. Note: These websites do not include booking or making direct purchases.

Website revisions that would include things like adjustments to one page, updating images and adding or subtracting links cost $150.

You can opt to continue your hosting through us at a monthly charge or you can pay annually or monthly directly through WordPress or Shopify. If you’re using other platforms, you will be responsible for hosting fees after the first year.

Chicken Head’s

Chicken Head’s is a restaurant in Dayton, OH famous for their soul-food style sandwich, The Medusa. We designed the downloadable menu as well as the website itself. Chef Head already had his domain. We work together to complete the updates.

Baldwin cafe

This website was dear to our heart as Bunny is a member of the team. This virtual, used-books store was built with a clean, straightforward design.

Brighter future for youth

This is an example of the one page, informational websites. It’s straight to the point and easy to understand. The design on this non-profit website is text over picture based.

Appetizer writez

AppetizerWritez is a poetry blog that we had full creative licensing over. It serves a very niche market and uses restaurant themed language to label its different sections. It was also one of our first projects.

1914 Clothing

This was one of the first blogs we ever designed. We created the foundation of the website (color scheme, coding pages, navigation) and the client filled in the pictures and posts.


BluesAnime was a website redesign that the client updates himself on a regular basis. We took the theme from a hard to read blue on blue and made the layout contrasting colors for easier reading. We also simplified the navigation and menu on the website for easier browsing. Last, we added e-commerce to the website and uploaded the montage options.

Concept n design

This e-commerce Shopify website already had some information laid out on it but we did a complete redesign and added easier ordering options as well as a cohesive color scheme. We have worked together to do minor updates.

Copacetic bunsz

This is Bunny’s personal blog. It’s not as simple as a one page website, as each brand has its’ own page. But the design itself is a simple blog.