3 Comma Club

I’ve started a podcast ! Not everyone enjoys or even has time to read blogs. The information I put in them is so valuable however so I just want to get it to you in a way that you’ll be able to receive it.

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42. Anxiety Hours 3 Comma Club

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  1. 42. Anxiety Hours
  2. 41. Being Consistent
  3. 40. Self-Awareness and Your Bottom Line
  4. 39. Why Care About Branding
  5. 38. How To Get More Clients
  6. 37. What Are You Even Selling ?
  7. 36. Dream Big, Do Bigger
  8. 35. Canva Logos
  9. 34. The Copacetic Rebrand
  10. 33. FotoRunz w/ Bunz

Where’d the name come from ?

I heard someone say ‘two comma club’ on a podcast when referring to hitting their first million dollars in sales. I LOVED that and thought it was a creative. So I didn’t want to be a complete copycat. So I upped the ante and decided to refer to billionaires. I’m totally not one yet but after studying millionaires and billionaires, and knowing a few, I’m confident that the tips they give will add more commas to my bank account. As I learn and grow myself, I pass the tips on to you !

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