Social Media Management

ESPECIALLY since COVID, social media has been steadily increasing in becoming a major part of every small businesses marketing and branding strategy. In a world where many of us feel that we can no longer go outside freely, we’re looking online more than ever.

Don’t Get Left Behind

With all of the above being true, one third of all businesses have no social media presence. Of the two-thirds left, very few of them post daily, as needed, because of the time it takes. So if you know you should be posting daily, but you don’t have hours each day to do so… then what do you do ?

Invest In Yourself

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What You Get When You Invest

The Copacetic social media team is highly skilled in social media branding and content creation. We start by performing thorough research on you and your industry then applying the latest social media strategies to your accounts. We make sure to get to know your target audience also, so that we can ensure we’re speaking directly to the people you’d like to sell to or work with. Services include:

  • Branding Strategy Development
  • Social Media Page Creation
  • Copywriting For Captions
  • Hashtag Research And Implementation
  • Audience Engagement
  • Use And Reporting Of Analytics
  • Complete Social Media Takeover

Social Media Channels

We manage branded profiles and social media campaigns on many channels, but we try to focus on the top one to three channels that make the most sense for your business and your target audience. Platforms include:

  • Facebook Business Pages
  • Facebook Groups
  • LinkedIn Business Pages
  • Tiktok (You Provide ALL Content For This One)
  • Pinterest Business Profiles
  • Twitter
  • Instagram Professional/Business Pages

Accounts we currently Manage

Accounts we used to manage

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