Are You Ready To Feel Official AF ??

Every client I’ve worked with feels 1000x more legit once they get one. I felt the same way starting out. Logos are like, your main vibe. The one branding element that boosts brand recognition most. My team and I focus on clean, simple but creative designs. View some of our work below !

Basic Logos

Basic logos are $500. A basic logo includes one symbol and one phrase in one color.

Aesthetix Logos

Aesthetix logos are $600 contain both a graphic and lettering but can only be up to 2 separate colors.

Copacetic Logos

Copacetic logos are $750 and are more variable and creative. These can contain multiple colors and shapes with however many characters you need !

What To Expect

After your purchase I’ll contact you to schedule a consult (in person or virtual) so that we can talk about the way you want your brand to feel and the design of your logo. Within 2 weeks I’ll submit 3 different drafts of your logo. Choose one of them and you are entitled to 2 revisions of it !

Each revision will take 3 to 5 business days. You will receive your finished product in 2 different formats, an EPS file and a transparent PNG. Along with a Copacetic Creative Card, which you can view below.

Examples of our work

Keep the Deets for your records

Upon receiving the final draft of your logo you will also get a Copacetic Creative Card detailing the design elements of your logo to guide you through branding should you work with someone else in the future. Here’s an example of what they look like: