Visionaries vs Implementors

Visionaries are creative people who come up with ways to improve or enhance our way of life. For you we have the Entrepreneur Package where you’ll learn how to take your idea and create a business.

Implementors are business minded people who have the ability to take someones idea and bring it to fruition. For you we have the Creativity Workshop where you’ll learn how to come up with your own ideas to implement.

Invest in your future. Work towards your dream.

Creativity Workshop

What: We will send you 14 guided activities/worksheets catered to your industry designed to boost the creative mind immediately prior to idea generation. Why: Thinking outside the box is imperative to innovation. Since that doesn't come naturally for some of us, there are workshops to train on creativity. When: You'll want to invest in this worksop when you have writer's block, are trying to come up with ideas to expand your business, would like to come up with a new product or anything else creative where you've hit a wall. This workshop is also great for people who have more of an aptitude for math and science but would like to learn to tap into their creative powers.


Entrepreneur Package

What: We will send you 5 books, a custom Copacetic Branding journal to take your detailed notes in, links to our top 10 favorite captivating, motivational speeches and a voucher for a free 30-minute consultation. Why: Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle, it's not solely your brand and your business. This package will help you become more familiar with how business works and the mindset necessary to survive the journey. When: This package is most beneficial when you're starting a business but you don't have any formal business training.